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  • Curtain Steam Cleaning in Dubai

  • This summer we are very busy in steam cleaning of curtains in Dubai. Residents of Villas in Alwarqa, Mirdif, Mizhar, and Muhaisna etc. Which are mostly Emirati families, are our newest customers for Curtain Cleaning.

    Curtain Cleaning in Dubai has been domain of Dry Cleaning companies so far but not anymore! Mangrove is proud to bring Steam Cleaning of Curtains to your doorsteps. Now our Clients don’t have to take the curtains off their windows. Don’t have to sleep for a couple of nights without curtains on their windows. Mangrove Cleaning Services not only cleans but sanitizes the curtains while they are hanging on your windows. Our service is 100% Green as we do not use Chemicals but only Green materials and Steam for cleaning the curtains.

    Mangroove Steam Cleaning

    Our customers have the peace of mind that their curtains will not be dry cleaned in Chemicals and not mixed with other dirty curtains. They watch everything while our Steam Cleaners are cleaning and sanitizing their curtains. If the curtains have heights of 10 meters and above, they don’t have to go through removing and installing curtains on such heights for which they have to arrange special scaffolding. Mangrove takes all such worries away from them and brings our own equipment for Steam Cleaning Jobs.

    What’s more, we also Steam Clean Carpets, Upholstery, Mattresses, Ovens, Floors, Kitchens, Bathrooms and all types of surfaces including windows, walls, and other articles.http://www.mangroveservices.net/steam-cleaning