Mattress Cleaning in Dubai

Mangrove Services is probably the only mattress cleaning company in Dubai that uses steam cleaning machines to not only clean but also sanitize your mattresses.

Periodic mattress cleaning with steam is utmost essential as steam kills dust mites, bedbugs and their ova and 99.9% of bacteria. Steam cleaning also removes stains, dirt and cleans the soiled areas from your mattresses.  Our modern steam cleaning equipment and mattress cleaning method involves agitating the dirt particles through hot and dry steam injection and extraction at the same time. This method not only ensures the removal of stains, dirt, dead skin cells that feed dust mites but also sanitizes the mattresses by ridding it off the dust mites and other microorganisms. Steam cleaning enhances the life of your mattresses.

mattress cleaning dubai

Why Steam Cleaning Mattress is preferred over other Methods

  • It ensures that dirt, dead skin cells and dust mites are all extracted in the same action.
  • Your mattresses look, feel and smell fresh.
  • Added benefit of deodorizing the rooms alongside steam cleaning of mattresses.
  •  Steam cleaning a mattress is 100% green as it avoids using chemicals and is thus environment friendly.
  • It’s protects your family’s health.
  • It save massively on water.

Beside steam cleaning mattresses, Mangrove Services also offers following steam cleaning services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates in the UAE

Mangrove Services LLC are in the business of steam cleaning since 2011 and the way we have pioneered the concept of steam cleaning in Dubai, you will not find anywhere in the world. Whatever we do, we use steam as a principal agent for cleaning and sanitizing. Our customers appreciate our services and rate us very highly. You may wish to read Google Reviews

You may also read direct comments of our customers on the Job Cards they sign at the end of the service .  Speak to us at 043689941 and we would be happy to assist you in any of the above mentioned cleaning needs you may have. steam cleaning your mattresses at least twice a year is highly recommended.