Our Mission

Why We Do What We Do – Our Mission

There are Cleaning Companies in Dubai and there are companies that fulfill a mission through Cleaning. Mangrove belongs to the latter genre.  At Mangrove Cleaning Services L.L.C. Dubai, we are passionate and deeply focused on

  • Protecting the Health of the families we serve
  • Protecting the Environment we live in
  • Conservation of Water

Therefore we tailor and offer our services in a way that helps us in fulfilling our Mission. Steam Cleaning helps us in fulfilling our Mission and we are the Pioneers of Steam Cleaning in Dubai.

Our Motto

We shall always strive to be Relevant to our customers. We shall not worry about Ratings in the market as to who is No.1 or the Best in the Industry. We believe that positions can change but as long as we are relevant to our customers, we shall keep serving them.

Our Story

Story of Mangrove Services LLC, The Pioneers of Steam Cleaning in UAE, is an atypical one. Abdul Ghafoor started Mangrove Real Estate Company in 2005. It performed exceptionally well as a very small yet highly customer focused Real Estate Brokerage firm. Since we enjoyed a very cordial relationship with our Investors, we also started managing their properties on Short-Lets basis. After 2008 when Economic crisis hit Dubai property market in a worst way, Mangrove Real Estate managed to stay liquid through its Short-Lets Business, Mangrove Apartments. At one time we had more than 40 apartments in our portfolio. However, Regulatory changes forced us to close the short-lets as it became illegal for Real Estate Brokers to Manage this business under their existing Brokerage License. Property Management License required AED 5 Million Security Deposit, we learnt. All of a sudden we did not have any business. We were Five Managers, One Driver and Two Housekeeping Staff members. On top of all due to Real Estate market collapse, the company owed AED 1.8 Million to different creditors.

This posed serious challenges of different kind and magnitude. In the absence of liquidity, it was difficult to pay salaries. However, we all stuck together and brainstormed as to what we needed to do next. The only thing that we were able to think to do next was to leverage on our knowledge of housekeeping and running efficient operations. We all enjoyed cordial relationships that we would form with our guests. We brainstormed as to how to leverage on our knowledge and experience that we had gained. We decided to Start a Green Cleaning Business that we would run with Mission and Motto as defined above. We adopted Steam Cleaning as a Principal Method of Service Delivery and Blue Ocean Strategy as Business Strategy.

We are probably the only Cleaning Company in Dubai that;

  • Started with Five Managers and 2 Cleaners to begin with
  • Defined our Mission, Values and Motto before starting the business and sticking to it 8 years into the operations
  • Adopted Blue Ocean Strategy to deliver Value Innovation to our customers without worrying about competition
  • Focused on Customer to Stay Relevant rather than worrying about positions in the Industry
  • Chose to deliver stellar service rather than focussing on money as we know money is a by-product and would come in anyway
  • Never followed competition to define our service standards and practices

Having served more than 10,000 customers since November 2011, we have always focused on what we do best and that is Deep Cleaning with Steam Cleaning. We have never compromised on Mangrove Standards that we set forth for ourselves. Despite never spending a dime on Advertising, with the help of our very patronizing customers, we have always maintained first page presence on Google Organic Search. We care about our people and Team Mangrove is probably best gelled Cleaning Outfit in the Country. We take our customers feedback seriously and spend a lot on the welfare of our employees. We rent Apartments rather than Put our Employees in Labor Camps. Happy Workers, Happy Customers, Happy Company – Mangrove Services LLC Dubai.