Why Mangrove

Mangrove is a Deep Cleaning Company Dubai Loves

Pioneers of Steam Cleaning:

Mangrove Services LLC is a deep cleaning company Dubai loves. Mangrove  pioneered steam cleaning in Dubai. We specialize in post construction cleaning, Moving In/Out or spring cleaning.  We deep clean homes, offices, showrooms, clinics, hospitals, schools etc. Mangrove Services LLC offers the best deep cleaning services.  Similarly, we also steam clean carpets, upholstery, mattresses and curtains etc. You do not have to call other cleaning company in Dubai. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your cleaning needs. You do not have to remove the curtains and bare the windows. We steam clean and sanitize curtains right where they hang. We also steam clean & Sanitize cars interiors.

Today, Mangrove Services stands as a beacon of innovation in the cleaning industry, proudly owned and operated by a diverse team from Italy, Germany, and Australia. This international influence is deeply ingrained in our approach, as we continuously strive to integrate the latest cleaning technologies and processes from around the globe. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous testing and selection of equipment, ensuring only the best in the market are employed. Our arsenal includes Italian medical-grade steam cleaning machines and environmentally friendly shampoos, reflecting our dedication to quality and sustainability.

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Mangrove Experience:

Mangrove is a deep cleaning company Dubai loves because we provide our customers an experience that they do not forget. We have created a system of pleasant experience right from the beginning to the end involving your Inquiry, ocular visit (if required), a detailed and comprehensive quote, a Non-intrusive follow up, execution of the project and the handover. Even after getting paid, we are always at your service should you require us to revisit due to any reason.


Another reason why as a  Cleaning Company Dubai loves us because we deeply care for  environment and sustainability. Our cleaning service is mostly green. We use Steam as a principal method of delivery for deep cleaning. It is a green and sustainable method in contrast with chemical based cleaning where your family and our environment are exposed to health hazards.


Steam not only cleans perfect but sanitizes as well thus reducing the need of pest control. Steam kills 99.9% of bacteria and most of the creepy crawlies along with their ova too. Majority of cleaning companies in Dubai use chemicals to disinfect. They do not understand that chemicals might kill some of the bacteria but not fungii, spores or viruses. Steam cleaning with heat element kills sterilizes and sanitizes 99.9% bacteria, Spores and other microbes.

About Steam:

Steam is an excellent cleaning agent. It loosens the dirt and grease particles making it extremely easy to clean without using chemicals. The variety of superior Steam Cleaning equipment that we use enables us to clean different surfaces, articles and furnishings by controlling the type of steam for each application. For example when mopping wooden and leather surfaces, to avoid damages, We use dry steam, that means  steam with 5-7% moisture content. For cleaning the window channels, nooks and corners that are difficult to reach and have hardened dirt and grime, we use wet steam with accessories that access and penetrate and removes such hardened dirt. Watch some videos here

Quality Control:

While our teams have a supervisor as a member of the working team, we do not leave quality control to chance and on the whims of the team working on the project. Our Operations department conducts regular Audits of the project sites prior to handing over the sites to the owners. Operations manager or even Director would visit the site prior to completion of the job, interact with you and handover the project to you only after he is satisfied that the site is steam-cleaned as per Mangrove’s standards. This practice has resulted in excellent reviews by the customers we serve. You can read the actual feedback here

Quality of Materials:

We use high quality green cleaning materials as we take your health and our job seriously. To ensure there are no smudges or scratches on the mirrors, walls or the wooden furniture, we use Micro Fiber cloth. We do not believe in cutting corners, even though Micro Fiber Cloth costs many folds than general dusters.

Trained Work Force: Another good reason why Mangrove Services is a Deep Steam Cleaning Company Dubai Loves.

In addition to on job training we also provide training in a classroom environment. In the class room we educate them on different topics including use of materials, distinction of different surfaces and fabrics and how to treat them differently. We also train them on their personal hygiene, use of deodorants. We educate them on customer service, politeness and importance of Service with a smile. Although these factors increase our operational costs yet they make us unique too. At Mangrove, we treat our employees well. They are not kept in sub-human conditions in the Labor Camps.  We provide them accommodation in apartments. Well rested employees are healthy, active, productive and courteous with clients. Whatever we do, we do it with you in mind. Therefore, to stay relevant to you, we are always ready to go an extra mile.

Mangrove is a Deep Cleaning Company Dubai loves because we are different!

We are different than the rest of the Cleaning Companies in Dubai because when we started cleaning business we defined our Mission, Strategy and Values at the beginning. Our Mission is

  • Protecting the Health of the families we serve
  • Protecting the Environment we live in
  • Conservation of Water

We follow Blue Ocean Strategy which is about creating new market space than competing with existing players on prices etc. We focus on creating value innovation by giving you more for less. Our Values dictate us to focus on how we can serve you better than to cut corners for maximizing profits.

Ratings Are Irrelevant:

We do not worry about ratings because self-proclaimed positions in the industry are irrelevant. At Mangrove Services, we strive to be relevant to our customers, that is, you! Therefore if we continue to meet your cleaning needs, we are confident that you will keep calling us. As long as you keep calling us, we are relevant.

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