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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning with Mangrove Services in Dubai

As someone dealing with food for a living, commercial kitchen deep cleaning is a crucial step to ensure the safety of your customers, staff, and your business.

Deep steam cleaning is a crucial maintenance practice for restaurants and commercial kitchens to ensure food safety, hygiene, compliance with regulations, and overall operational efficiency.

Welcome to Mangrove Services, where we blend professionalism, innovation, and eco-friendly solutions to ensure your space is nothing short of neat, hygienic, and comfortable. We’re about to take you through our exceptional kitchen cleaning service that we proudly provide in the modern, bustling metropolitan city of Dubai.

Kitchen Cleaning Explained

Kitchen cleaning is a rigorous, well-structured procedure that deeply cleans, sanitizes, and maintains the cleanliness of your kitchen.

From the floors, countertops, and appliances to the smaller items like utensils and cutlery, we ensure everything gleams to perfection. It’s not just about visual appeal; a well-cleaned kitchen is also a healthier, safer environment to cook in and can drastically reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses.

Based on your kitchen’s design, we’ll remove all doors, shelves, grills, and related accessories for thorough sanitization. The majority of bacteria typically reside between surfaces, behind hinges, and similar spots. A mix of high heat and pressure is essential for cleaning these areas.

Kitchen Cleaning's Relevance in Dubai

In Dubai, a bustling hub of tourism and gastronomy, the importance of kitchen cleaning in commercial settings like hotels and restaurants is paramount. These establishments cater to a diverse clientele with discerning tastes, making their kitchens the epicenter of culinary magic. However, with such high footfall and continuous culinary operations, there’s an inevitable buildup of grease, long-term dirt, and harmful bacteria. This is where steam cleaning technology comes into play. Adopted by many top-tier hotels and restaurants in Dubai, this method ensures thorough degreasing and reaches those hard-to-clean spots, effectively eliminating bacteria and ensuring a deep, sanitized environment. Given the city’s reputation for luxury and its emphasis on health and hygiene, periodic deep cleaning of commercial kitchens isn’t just a standard—it’s an imperative.

Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

The importance of maintaining a clean commercial kitchen cannot be overstated. A clean kitchen is not just a matter of aesthetics; it is a fundamental requirement for any food service operation.

Some of the key advantages of deep steam cleaning in a commercial kitchen include:


Improved Hygiene

Unlike the traditional cleaning method of using a bucket and a mop, steam cleaning gets straight to the source by eliminating pathogens and allergens. This provides a thorough and hygienic cleaning solution that is crucial for maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment and preventing foodborne illnesses.


Environmental Friendliness

Using harmful chemicals in a place where food is being prepared might cause more harm than good. This is why steam cleaning is a commercial kitchen’s best friend as it is an eco-friendly method that uses high-temperature steam to kill bacteria, without the need to use any chemicals. Not only will it keep your kitchen safe from germs, but it will also protect it from unwanted chemicals that might impact your business.


Pest Control

Delivered at 140-160CC heat, our commercial steam cleaning machines can easily break down any molds, stains, and dirt from any surface. By eliminating the molecular root source of these problems, you can significantly decrease the potential of infestations and reduce the risk of health hazards and damage to the kitchen. A clean kitchen is less attractive to pests such as rodents and insects.


Equipment Longevity

Steam can easily remove built-up grease and carbon deposits which can extend the lifespan of any kitchen equipments. This can save businesses money on equipment replacement and repairs while ensuring that the equipment operates efficiently. Whether it requires commercial cleaning of your kitchen hood, kitchen exhaust, or your floors-- expect that our commercial deep steam cleaning can handle any surface and make it hygienic.


Enhanced Food Safety

Effectively remove grease, grime, and food residues from surfaces and equipment, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and the growth of harmful bacteria. Commercial deep cleaning helps maintain the highest standards of food safety, ensuring the safety of the food being prepared and served.


Regulatory Compliance

Last, but not the least, it is important to maintain regulatory compliance. Health and safety regulations and food safety standards often require commercial kitchens to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and sanitation. Deep steam cleaning helps restaurants and food establishments meet these requirements and avoid potential fines or closures due to non-compliance.

Step-by-step Kitchen Cleaning



Our team will inspect your kitchen to determine the cleaning needs.



Appliances will be cleaned thoroughly from the inside and outside, where possible doors and handles may be removed for deeper cleaning



Cleaning and sanitizing all cabinets and drawers; where possible doors, drawers and handles may be removed for deeper cleaning.


Counters and Surfaces

High temperature steaming and vacuuming all surfaces and countertops.


Floors and Walls

Deep cleaning floors, grouts, and walls with our professional steam cleaning equipment.


Final Inspection

A final walkthrough to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Why Mangrove Services

At Mangrove Services, we specialize in comprehensive, hygienic cleaning services and total customer satisfaction. Besides kitchen cleaning, we offer a variety of other services such as Deep Steam Cleaning,  floor, and Window Cleaning, disinfection, and move-in cleaning services. By opting for Mangrove Services, you opt for professionalism, flexibility, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions endowed with affordability. 

Book an appointment today and embrace a cleaner, safer, and healthier household experience with our effective Kitchen Cleaning service in Dubai. 

Choose Mangrove Services to turn your kitchen into a space that’s inviting, clean, and safe.

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