Deep Steam Cleaning Dubai

Deep Steam Cleaning Dubai

Real Sanitation, Real Results.

Finally eliminate stubborn stains, odors, and allergens that traditional cleaning methods simply cannot. 

Deep Steam Cleaning is hygienic and eco-friendly: a perfect fit for Dubai’s evolving cleaning standards. With over 12+ years of cleaning experience and partnering with over 10,000 homes and commercial spaces, Mangrove Services ensures all cleaning needs are met swiftly and effectively.

Mangrove Services is Dubai’s #1 steam cleaning pioneer. This technique includes specialized steam cleaning machines that use superheated steam to sanitize and cleanse various surfaces thoroughly. An eco-friendly and hygienic method, it is fast becoming a household favorite across Dubai’s bustling metropolitan city. 

Experience the UNMATCHED cleaning power.

Deep steam cleaning is different from regular cleaning. Learn the difference between deep steam cleaning VS regular cleaning.

Clean-looking is one thing. Being hygienic is entirely a different proposition. An essential part of being clean is sanitization. Those who challenge us to tell the difference, we ask only a simple question… Can a dirty mop clean? The answer is usually NO, but the chemicals do kill the microbes. Then our follow-up question is: Do you want chemicals part of your problem or part of your solution? From this point onwards, our discerning customers begin to understand the difference between the cleaning methods.

Deep Cleaning means not only removing dust, dirt, and grime. It should also sanitize all areas including the nooks and crannies that are not typically paid attention to during routine cleaning. Steam cleaning adds that Midas touch to our deep cleaning. Delivered at 140-160C, steam is the perfect chemical-free and eco-friendly way to 99.9% microbes and thus sanitize the space.

Mangrove Services LLC has been deep steam cleaning Dubai since 2011. Having cleaned and sanitized more than 10,000 homes and offices, we have mastered the art & craft of deep steam cleaning for residential needs.

Step-by-step procedure of Mangrove Services’  Deep Steam Cleaning

As Dubai’s steam cleaning pioneer, we pride ourselves as the city’s #1 deep cleaning expert. For over a decade, we have built partnerships with our customers in keeping their homes safe and protected from dirt and bacteria. Our cleaning process usually begins with:

  1. Assessment
    Our service is highly customizable based on your needs. Whether it is just a sofa cleaning service or an entire villa sanitation, our team will tailor its process based on your requirements. 
  2. Preparation
    Before we begin, our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your home to identify problem areas and customize our cleaning plan accordingly. We will begin by clearing the area and removing any obstacles from what’s needed to be cleaned. Once cleared, we will thoroughly vacuum the area to remove loose dirt and debris. This step is crucial as it prevents the dirt from turning into mud when it mixes with the steam.
  3. Spot Pre-treatment
    Depending on the surface, we will need to identify and pre-treat any stubborn stains or heavily soiled areas with appropriate cleaning solutions to ensure that the surface retains quality and consistency once we apply steam cleaning.
  4. Steam Cleaning
    Our industrial-grade equipment is the best steam cleaning machines in Dubai. Instead of chemicals, we use dry steam heated to high temperatures, usually above 200°F (93°C). Dry steam, with its high temperature and low moisture content, can penetrate into surfaces more effectively, making it more efficient at loosening and removing dirt, grime, and stubborn stains. This ensures that cleaning happens beyond the surface-level, giving you peace of mind that all areas are highly sanitized.
  5. Agitation
    To ensure that any stubborn dirt and stains are removed, our expert cleaners agitate the treated areas with a brush or scrubbing tool. This step is especially important for carpets and upholstery.
  6. Extraction
    Our steam cleaning machines are equipped with a vacuum system that simultaneously extracts the loosened dirt, water, and cleaning solution. This leaves the surface mostly dry and restored to their brand-new version.
    Since we use dry steam, our cleaning doesn’t leave behind chemical residues or excess moisture, which can attract dirt and cause re-soiling. This can result in a cleaner and longer-lasting surface.
  7. Post-Inspection
    Once the surface is dry, we inspect the area to ensure that stains have been effectively removed and the overall cleanliness meets your standards.

Deep Cleaning Services

A standard list of cleaning chores that our Steam Specialists perform during Deep Cleaning while working in your property:

* Mangrove’s Team will Clean all AC Vents throughout the house as part of our standard package of Deep Cleaning.

**We use dry steam, that means steam with 5-7% moisture content when mopping wooden and leather surfaces.

*** To ensure there are no smudges or scratches on the walls or your wooden furniture, we use Micro Fiber cloth. We do not believe in cutting corners, even though Micro Fiber Cloth costs many folds than general dusters.

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Above all else, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction.

It is what has kept us Dubai’s pioneer in steam cleaning and the #1 deep steam cleaning company in UAE with a 4.7-Star Rating on Google.

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