Established in 1994, Novaltec Group stands as a testament to Italian craftsmanship, producing and marketing a comprehensive range of tools and machines designed for thorough cleaning and sanitization. Rooted in Scorzè, nestled within the historic province of Venice, our brand is synonymous with the unparalleled ‘Made in Italy’ quality. This distinction signifies not only superior design and engineering but also an enduring commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Recognizing the unique demands of the global market, Novaltec Group is proud to offer localized customer service and support in Dubai. This strategic presence ensures that our clients in the region receive prompt assistance tailored to their specific needs. Our vast network of skilled technicians and sales outlets in Dubai is dedicated to delivering the best solutions, while echoing the exceptional standards of service and excellence inherent to our Italian origins. With a combination of Italian craftsmanship and Dubai-based support, Novaltec Group endeavors to offer an unmatched experience to all its customers.


Medical and Dental Clinics

Veterinary Clinics

Mechanics Industry

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Food Industry

Hotels, Spas, and Resorts

Car Washes and Auto Workshops

Oil and Juice Producers

Baked Goods and Ice Cream

Restaurants, Pizzerias, and Kitchens

Why Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning, often regarded as a modern marvel in the realm of cleanliness, stands out as an exemplary method for deep cleaning and sanitizing various surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals. Harnessing the power of water vapor, steam cleaning not only effectively breaks down dirt, grease, and grime but also eradicates harmful bacteria, dust mites, and allergens, ensuring a healthier living environment. This method’s gentle nature means it’s versatile enough for a range of surfaces, from carpets and upholstery to tiles and windows. Moreover, the absence of chemicals means reduced residue, eliminating concerns about toxins or irritants that might affect inhabitants, especially those with respiratory concerns or allergies.

The environment, too, reaps the benefits of steam cleaning. Unlike many conventional cleaning methods, it conserves water and circumvents the introduction of chemicals into wastewater systems, resulting in a smaller ecological footprint. Furthermore, the high temperature of the steam ensures a level of sanitization that many traditional methods struggle to achieve, providing peace of mind for households and businesses alike. This combined with the economic advantages—such as saving on detergents and shorter drying times—makes steam cleaning an undeniably compelling choice for those seeking efficiency, health, and environmental consciousness in their cleaning routines.

Three Key Benefits of Steam Cleaning:

Chemical-Free Sanitization

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment without resorting to potentially harmful chemicals.


Conserves water and prevents chemical pollutants from entering the environment, promoting a greener cleaning method.


Effective on a multitude of surfaces including fabrics, hard floors, and glass, offering a comprehensive cleaning solution.
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