Office Cleaning In Dubai

Office Cleaning In DubaiWhy office cleaning is important?

  • In a metropolis like Dubai, multicultural workforce is a norm. Whereas it has its advantages in terms of diversity, it has its disadvantages too. One of disadvantages is varied hygienic habits and practices. Unhygienic habits and practices lead to infections.
  • Research indicates that due to sickness, the average employee takes nine leaves per year. Some of these leaves may be attributed to the unhygienic workplace.
  • Viruses such as Corona, can stay on the grimy places like office tables, desks and electronic systems for more than 72 hours.
  • Keyboards have around 7,500 bacteria which cause epidemic diseases dispersion.
  • Office employees share telephones, staplers, personal computers and other office equipment. These equipment have enormous amounts of bacteria. You need to clean them properly.

Hygienic workplaces help office throughput

  • If your office is contaminated and polluted then quality of work suffers. Clean environment has a direct bearing on human creativity. Messy environment can significantly reduce your attention span and productivity.
  • Unclean, unhygienic office equipment may make employees ill leading to absenteeism. Clean environment protects the health of your employees, hence, increase the productivity of your business.

You need to hire professional cleaning services to keep your office tide and environment fresh. Mangrove is one of the best office cleaning companies in Dubai.

 Mangrove is a first-choice office cleaning company for corporate Dubai. We have proudly deep steam cleaned, sanitized and disinfected companies like Boeing, Roche Diagnostics, Western Union, Dubizzle, Oliver Wyman, Australian Consulate in Dubai, Zuma Restaurant in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Jumeira Group of Hotels and countless others during last 10 years.  You can impress your business partners with shiny workplaces after we deliver a stellar cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection service.

Whether you have a small or a large scale business, Mangrove services provides you an organized and tidy workplaces. Mangrove steam cleans your sofas, carpets, blinds, office equipment and cabinets etc.

Why You Should call Mangrove Services

  •  Pioneers of Steam Cleaning

Mangrove is a deep cleaning company in Dubai that introduced steam cleaning for the first time. Steam in contrast to chemical cleaning, is the best way to deep clean your office.  Steam cleaning restores the original color of your furnishings and carpets and in the process also kills bugs, viruses and bacteria, thus sanitizing the place.

  • Skilled Personnel

Mangrove Services trains its employees both in a classroom environment as well as on the job. Mangrove educates them about the distinction of surfaces, fabrics and materials and how to handle them according to their condition. Employees of mangrove are well trained and professional, having ability to satisfy their customers by meeting their requirements.

  • Quality of Materials Used

Mangrove does not compromise on the quality of materials it uses to deliver Deep Cleaning and sanitizing services. It uses green cleaning services with a mission to protect its customers from health hazards. Micro Fiber cloth is used to ensure there are no scratches and blemishes on the furniture and shiny surfaces including glass. Steam cleaning protects the delicate weaves of sofa, chairs and blinds and curtains.

For a fresh and healthy office that is conducive to productive work, book the service or call at 04-3689941