Carpet Cleaning Dubai

Carpet cleaning Dubai is a key phrase residents use to find a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Dubai. Mangrove Services LLC provides Carpet Cleaning with Steam Cleaning Technology. We use hot steam injection and extraction method to clean and sanitize carpets and rugs. Since we use dry steam, carpets dry faster.  This method is superior to carpet shampooing where lot of water is wasted. In Cinemas, theaters and other darker areas, shampooing can create mold and musky smell as the carpets do not dry fast enough. Steam cleaning improves the air quality. Steam effectively kills molds, fungus, dust mites and other microbes including bacteria and viruses while removing the dust particles.

Professional Carpet Cleaning with steam is the most effective and convenient way to clean!

Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

Environmentally Safe Cleaning Materials

The cleaning materials that we use in professional carpet cleaning in dubai are eco-friendly. They do not contain harsh chemicals. In addition, our method ensures no sticky residues are left. This way carpets stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Deep carpet cleaning by Mangrove Services poses no threat to humans, pets, environment and marine life. Steam cleaning is suitable for all types of synthetic carpets, woolen carpets and rugs and many types of silk carpets too. However, if the pile is thin and long, steam or water is not suitable. Do not buy a service based on prices alone as non-professionals can ruin your carpets. Call us for free professional assessment. Should you decide to get our service, be happy with the results.

Method for Carpet Cleaning:

  1. To clean the carpets, first of all we carry out stain treatment.  Then we shall spray green materials over the carpet and leave it for a few minutes.
  2. Then we use a steam brush to agitate the solution deep into the carpet to extract the dirt. In this process, the fibers that were matted due to dirt, get separated. The color of the carpet appears bright and texture of the fibers revitalized.
  3. After that, we inject a high-pressure jet of steam deeply into the fibers that rinse out dirt and the cleaning materials. Our machine has a built-in  powerful vacuum to remove these materials and the dirt. These carpet cleaning steam machines do not alter the strength, color, and texture of fibers during simultaneous injection and vacuum functions.
  4. Your carpets will take four to six hours (approximately) to dry under proper airconditioning.

Mobile Professional Carpet Cleaning Dubai

We invest in best professional equipment to keep environment clean. Our steam cleaning machines are totally mobile and we clean your carpets right where they are placed in your homes or offices. In addition to common house households, our clients include MNCs with huge carpeted facilities. We also offer carpet cleaning services to theaters, cinemas, educational and health institutions. Our people are professional steam cleaners we have been delivering carpet cleaning services since 2011. We also offer other professional services like curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning, and deep cleaning services in Dubai and throughout UAE.

Cleaning That Gives You Peace of Mind:

Steam Cleaning is a method where sanitization is a by-product of the cleaning process. Here we do not use chemical sprays, in addition to the cleaning, for sanitization. This should give you a complete peace of mind as you get your place not only cleaned but  sanitized too. If you have toddlers and young children, you can be sure that they are crawling and playing on germ-free carpets. Call 04-3689941 to book the service or ask for the price.

We offer the best carpet cleaning services in Dubai. So if you are looking for the cleaning service near you, feel free to contact us and we’ll book the timeframe that suits you. In addition to floor carpets, we also clean car carpets, so if you want to refresh your car interior, just book our service and we will clean your car carpets like they are brand new. Mangrove is a trusted cleaning company in Dubai with huge number of happy customers who loved our services. Read our Google Reviews

We take care of your carpets whether they are machine-made or handmade including the Persian rugs. As explained above, our steam machines perform cleaning process softly so that there’s no change in quality of your carpets. So, if your carpets need a wash, just give us a call and we’ll do our job.

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