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  • Steam Cleaning Of Carpets in a Mosque in Dubai

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Places of worship like mosques receive thousands of worshipers every month in Dubai and other States in the UAE. After Wadoo (Abolution) people walk on the areas with wet and bare feet. And then we place our forehead on the carpets while in “sujood” with nose touching the carpets. Essentially we are touching and sniffing the carpet that might contain all kinds of bacteria and dust mites. These carpets must be “Sanitized” in addition to being cleaned. Carpet Shampooing alone will not do the sanitization. Mangrove Uses Steam for Carpet Cleaning and sanitization in Dubai.

    Steam Cleaning is the only solution that does both “Cleaning and Sanitization” and it is 100% Green. When Dry Steam is applied at 140+C  with our State of the Art equipment, it kills 99.9% bacteria and dust mites. At the same time it agitates the dust particles to rise to the surface. Simultaneous and strong extraction function in our machines capture all the dust particles and dead dust mites leaving the carpets clean, sanitized and fresh.

    Last Wednesday we received an urgent call from the management of a mosque in Rashidya, Dubai who wanted the carpets in the mosque cleaned and sanitized the same night. Mangrove’s Steam Clean Crew welcomed the opportunity to service the house of God. We delivered the service to the great satisfaction of the management.

    We would love to hear from more such places of Worship and other Public places where a great number of people visit frequently and leave all kind of “footprints” that hygienically cleaned. Hotels, Theaters, Boats, Yachts and Public Toilets should sanitized periodically and Mangrove Cleaning Company Dubai is the obvious choice for such Cleaning Services in Dubai.