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  • Deep Cleaning With Steam in Dubai During Ramadan 2013

  • Deep Cleaning:

    There is hardly a week left between now and 1st. Day of Ramadan 2013 in Dubai, UAE. We are witnessing peak demand for booking our Deep Cleaning Services during Ramadan in Dubai, UAE. Ramadan is a month of the cleansing of body and soul. So Muslims across the world and similarly in Dubai celebrate it as a festive month and focus on deep clean their Villas, Apartments and Offices. As Steam Cleaning is a green method of cleaning, i.e., without using any chemicals, families prefer not to be exposed to chemicals during this month of fasting.

    Similarly this is an ideal month for cleaning Cinemas and Theaters in Dubai. And other states in the UAE which are normally closed during this month. Recently we cleaned curtains in the auditoriums of Zayed University in Academic City Dubai.