Steam Grooming Your Home Inch by Inch by Mangrove Cleaning Services

The benefit of Cleaning your home or Office with Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai is that we do the cleaning and sanitization with Care and love of a professional. A professional who takes pride in his work and profession. Our cleaning services are like grooming your house, inch by inch all the way. Our versatile Steam Cleaning machines provide you a unique advantage. You do not have to call in several service providers for Deep Cleaning your house, Dry cleaning Your Carpets, Shampooing your upholstery and cleaning and disinfecting a host of other items and facilities like mattresses, Bathrooms, and Kitchen etc.

Mangrove Cleaning Services provides you a one stop shop from Painting to Cleaning & Sanitization of surfaces & areas, Curtains, Carpets,  upholstery, Mattresses, Ovens, Windows and a lot more. We are the first Cleaning company in Dubai that started using Steam Cleaning as a principal method of Cleaning. We avoid using Chemicals. In cases where we have to resrt to chemicals, we use biodegradable eco friendly Oxygen based Chemicals.

Put our claim to test, Call us at 04-3689941 for Steam Cleaning of your Curtains, Carpets & Upholstery to start with and see how we amaze you. Moving in a New Property – Old or newly constructed, or if you think it is the time of the year for  Deep Cleaning your house, we are delighted to help you get a healthy and fresh space to live. You may send us an inquiry from