Office Buildings

Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai is a pioneer in Steam Cleaning which is the best method for Deep Cleaning. If the Office Building is newly constructed, the dust settled in nooks and corners can simply not be cleaned by the contractors. Their approach is to handover clean looking building. The clean looking building, however, is not necessarily a Clean Building. Detailed Cleaning is required to have a Clean Office Building. Since Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai Specializes in Deep Cleaning, we have specialized equipment for the Detailed Cleaning Service. We import our Steam Cleaning Machines from Western Europe that comes with numerous accessories and Nozzles. With the help of these accessories, our Cleaning Specialists take out the dirt from most difficult areas like window channels where a human hand with a duster cannot reach.

At Mangrove we focus on Cleaning of Internal Areas as we believe external areas require a different type of approach and equipment. We do not want to take each and every job just because we are a cleaning company. Our Crystallized focus allows us to specialize and thus provide an excellent service to our clients.

We are also The Most Relevant Cleaning Company when it comes to periodic Deep Cleaning which is also referred as Spring Cleaning. Office buildings receive heavy traffic on daily basis. It is a common known fact that Dubai workforce comprises more than 200 Nationalities. This mixed workforce, if on one hand adds to the diversity and creativity, it also poses challenges. For example, Cleaning habits and Hygiene practices vary 360 degrees. So The Building owners have to ensure that Building is Sanitized from time to time. Steam Cleaning Services by Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai is the answer to this problem. Steam emitted at 140-160 Celsius kills 99.9% Bacteria, Fungal Spores, Dust Mites, Bedbugs and other creepy crawlies in contact. Therefore without using harmful Chemicals, we clean and sanitize your premises.