Mold Problems in Hot & Humid areas like Palm, JBR & Dubai Marina

Palm Jumeirah, JBR and Dubai Marina are not only hot in Summer but humid too. Mold settings on the Shower Curtains and Walls are a not an uncommon scene. While researching for this blog, I came across an interesting article “Mould in the Home Fact Sheet ” by Hygiene Council and I am reproducing certain excerpts from this article which are worth reading.

“Fungi, or moulds, are an abundant group of micro-organisms that play a crucial role in the degradation process of organic matter and organisms in the environment. Although moulds are fully functional in the outside environment, they can potentially pose a significant threat to health when transferred into the home.

High numbers of microscopic airborne fungal spores are naturally found in the outdoor air all year round and readily enter indoor environments through open windows and doors, vents and air conditioning systems. Once inside the home, fungal spores settle in a number of areas favorable to mould growth. Areas which provide warmth, moisture, a high level of humidity and a continual supply of organic matter and dirt, such as the bathroom and kitchen are prime locations. Activities such as drying laundry on indoor clothes dryers or tumble dryers which are not vented to the outside can increase humidity levels in the home, consequently encouraging mould growth in the home.

In addition, water damaged carpets, ceilings, and walls in the home are prime sites for new growth if they are untreated and continue to remain damp. Damp housing is a common problem across the globe, especially in areas of high humidity and is heavily associated with the presence of mould in the home, as well as an increase in the incidence of health problems.”

What alarmed me the most was the ailments that these molds and fungal spores can cause to us humans, especially vulnerable children and elderly and the pets in homes. Eradicating molds or fungus, once and for all, may not be possible. However, by being alert and having a continuous watch can control the spread and thus diseases and ailments. While there are many chemical based products that can kill the molds, all these chemicals pose risks of their own to human and animal life and also to our environment.

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