Grout Cleaning With Steam

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Grout Cleaning with Steam

One of the best methods of Grout Cleaning is Steam Cleaning. At Mangrove Cleaning Company we pride ourselves as one of the best Grout Cleaning Companies in Dubai as we are leading the charge in Steam Cleaning in Dubai. Remember Steam Cleaning is a 100% Green solution. With today’s state of the art steam cleaning machines, you do not need to bend your knees and scrub the dirt away. Just call a service like Mangrove Cleaning Services Company Dubai and watch how the dirty black and brown grout lines transform. While we improve the color of grouts to a great extent, we do not claim to revive them to their original color.

While Steam cleans and sanitizes the dirty and filthy grouts, the color of very old stained grout lines improves to about 30%. This is because over time dirt and grouts have bonded in a way that only chemicals can loosen them up. In the process of Grout Cleaning, if the client insists on improving the color further and asks us to use chemicals, we can improve the color up to 60-70%. However, with the extraction function in our Steam Cleaning machines, we rinse and remove these grouting chemicals and leave your floors shiny clean and healthy for your children, pets, and the environment.

Steam Cleaning is also very efficient and effective to remove mold and fungi from the grouts of tiles around Bath Tub and Tiled walls around the shower areas.