Green Cleaning

“Healthy  Regards” was signed at the end of email from one of our potential customers – a Health & Fitness Gym in JLT. It really made me think that I was not doing much to keep myself in shape. I made a resolve that I shall start undertaking exercise on regular basis – no matter what my busy schedule look like or wherever I am. One can always find time for important things even if they do not look urgent. This simple message motivated me to Act! It is a clever tool to motivate and describe your business activity at the same time

Since we are in Cleaning Business, I decided to invent one of our own Greetings  Clean & Green Regards. On the one hand this defines our business as a Green Cleaning Company in Dubai as we use Steam Cleaning Machines for cleaning properties, Upholstery, Carpets, Mattresses and White Goods etc. On the other hand we greet our clients and  strategic partners to motivate them and act to preserve our environment in addition to protecting their and their family’s health.

What inspiration you can derive for yourself and your business?

Clean & Green Regards.
Abdul Ghafoor

Mangrove Cleaning Services L.L.C Dubai, UAE