End of School Holidays & chances of increased infections

holiday sickness

Get your Homes, Offices & Cars Steam Cleaned & Sanitized after you return to Dubai from Holidays. Call Mangrove Cleaning Services at 04-3689941. Post holidays sickness rates increase as different people visit different places and collect viruses from all corners of the world and bring them back to Schools & Offices where close contact with the carriers of these viruses infects you too. So you also carry these viruses back to your home and increase the chances of infecting others at home.

“The holidays are a virus-distribution system,”

said Dr. William Schaffner, chair of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University.

“They help us distribute the viruses, influenza and other common cold virus from person-to-person because of close contact.”

It’s important that we adopt safety measures to protect ourselves and others from these Viruses. The major risk of spreading these viruses is in Public places like Malls, Theaters, Cinemas and restaurants etc. Advice: If you’re sick, cough into the crook of your arm. If you see someone else coughing or sneezing or wiping their nose, avoid hugging or kissing them. Frequent hand washing keeps you safe so do it everytime you come from outside before touching anything or anyone. Mangrove Cleaning Services is one of the few cleaning companies in Dubai that keep your living and work places like Villas, Apartments, Offices, Schools & Nurseries clean and sanitized. Our Cleaning Services in Dubai are unique and relevant to you as we use Steam as Principal method of Cleaning your facilities without resorting to excessive use of harsh chemicals. Chemicals, you would agree are more harmful than beneficial, more of a problem than a solution. Call us at 04-3689941 for Deep Steam Cleaning of your Villa, Apartment, School, Nursery, Office or Cars and Schools Buses & Vans. Or Book at http://www.mangroveservices.net/request-estimate
*Photo & Quote Credit CNN.com