Working on Projects with Tight Timelines

When you are working on Cleaning Projects in Dubai with Building Contractors or Fit-out Companies who are working with Tight timelines with their customers, you are bound to walk on tightropes as a cleaning company. But being subcontractors to good companies is a great privilege. Sometimes your contractor asks you to estimate a site that is under construction.  Even with the most optimistic estimate you are convinced that the site is going to take at least a week to ten days before it is ready for cleaning. However, you’re asked to start the work within 2-3 days. At Mangrove Cleaning Services, we try to understand the imperatives of our clients and we are always ready to mobilize our resources to assist our client. Our mission, besides helping them deliver an impeccable site to their client, is to make our contractors look good in the eyes of their clients.

Project Managers of the companies we work with love us because we are always ready to help them, sometimes even at odd hours early morning if there is a need of a quick cleaning before an important inspection, we never fail them. They not only love the Professionalism of our Marketing and Operations Management Teams but also our Steam Cleaning Specialists who are always cheerful even under stress.

With our State of the Art Steam Cleaning Equipment, highly skilled workforce and right and always helping attitude, we are the most relevant Cleaning Company in Dubai for After-Construction Deep Cleaning. Besides After-Construction or Post Construction Cleaning, we are also the first choice when it comes to Deep Cleaning for Moving in or Moving out or Spring Cleaning in Dubai and UAE.