When Do you need a Deep Clean of your House?

Deep Cleaning of your HouseIn a Commercial place like Dubai, when you move in a new house, you got to have a deep clean! It does not matter how clean the house looks once the contractor or landlord hands you over the keys depending if you have it built new or have rented the house just now. Deep Cleaning is not about the clean looks only, it is about thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all areas where your family, especially children are going to spend most of their time. These areas include but are not limited to Kitchen, Bathrooms, Sitting rooms/family areas, Bedrooms, and Study etc. If you have children and toddlers, it’s healthy that they play on floors. But as parents, you have to ensure that floors are clean and germ-free. Sanitizing with Steam should be the only option as chemical based sanitization not only creates different health hazards but is equally detrimental for our environment too. In Kitchen, all the equipment like white goods including ovens and stoves must be Steam Cleaned during this deep clean.

It is also advised that Complete House should be deep cleaned at least once in a quarter, if not once a month, depending upon the size of the family. At least Bathrooms and Kitchen must be steam cleaned on Monthly basis. There are not many Commercial Cleaning Companies in Dubai that undertake Steam Cleaning. Mangrove Cleaning Services is probably the only company that employs Steam Cleaning as the principal method of Cleaning and Sanitization. We do Steam Cleaning of all types of surfaces and areas in houses and offices, Steam Cleaning and sanitization of all white goods and ovens, Steam cleaning of Carpets & Rugs, Steam Cleaning of Mattresses, beds and Upholstered furniture to get rid of dust mites and other allergens and Steam Cleaning of Curtains.

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