Steam Cleaning of Household Goods & Furnishings after Sea Shipment

Move in cleaning

Moving-In & Post Move-In Cleaning in Dubai

You are thinking of moving to or you have already moved in Dubai. You have rented your Villa or Apartment. You are looking for a contractor to Paint your house and once you have sorted out the paint solution, you would like to book a cleaning service. Mangrove Services is your one-stop solution provider. We Paint the properties and we Steam Clean and Sanitize Villas and Apartments in Dubai. We do not stop there and we go a step further.  We also provide you Post Move-In Cleaning. If you have moved your furniture and household goods from abroad through a Sea Shipment, there are chances of Fungal growth and a host of other Germs and Bacteria that need to be exterminated. Even if you are moving from one house to another within the city or country, you and your family are still exposed and need to be protected against the Germs and Bacteria. Mangrove Services Dubai do it all for you.

What is Post Move-In Cleaning?

Prior to moving in we have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized your Villa or Apartment. Then comes your delivery of your furniture and household items. While moving in those boxes, the delivery boys bring in lot of soil and dust with their shoes. The moment they leave it dawns on you that you need another round of deep cleaning, at least of floors. Since we deal with these probems all the time on daily basis, we have a Post Moving In Cleaning package for you. We want to take away the pain and shock away from you and want to be your one stop solution providers.

Steam Cleaning of Furniture and Household Goods after Moving In

Do not compromise on your and Family’s health. Prior to sleeping on the mattresses, sitting on the sofas, stepping on the Carpets and after hanging the curtains, you need a deep steam cleaning odf all these furnishing items. Stay one night in the Hotel but let Mangrove Steam Clean & Sanitize all your furnishing items including your Blankets, comforters and even Pillows. Steam Cleaning kills all Fungal spores, Bacteria and even Dust mites. The Good News is that you don’t have to send these items, not even curtains and carpets, to dry cleaners. Mangrove Services would do it at your home in Dubai. We shall also Steam Clean your refrigerators, Ovens, M/W oven, Dish Washer and Washing Machines etc.

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