Public Toilets and the Condition of Grouting

This picture here is of our office building’s Public Toilet. If you go in it looks like a 5-star toilet. However, the moment you look at the Floor and the Grouting Lines, you know it is not being cleaned properly.

Public toilet and condition of Grouting

When I took it up with the cleaner, he was embarrassed and told me that he would do a better job. I see him working at least 3 times a day but the condition is still the same. He came up with the logic that the bathroom is sanitized as he uses Chemicals that kill the germs. I asked him if the Chemicals were part of the solution or part of the problem? He did not have an answer to that.

I did not argue much with him as he is doing what his cleaning company requires him to do. Cleaning companies in Dubai all too often resort to excessive use of Chemicals to clean the properties. Since the majority of the big companies are in the business to earn money and the many of the owners of small companies are not even aware that Chemicals might be a part of the problem instead of the solution. It is up to us the tenants that we take up with the Owners’ Association in our respective buildings in Dubai and impress upon them to pay heed to the cleanliness and hygiene of the Public Toilets and other common areas. Since we have introduced Steam Cleaning in Dubai, we have educated and served thousands of owners and tenants of Villas, Apartments, Offices, and Showrooms etc. Steam Cleaning is the best solution for dirty grouts in Public Toilets.

You might wonder why a CEO of a Steam Cleaning Company is complaining and does not take step to take the contract of the building? Well, We do not, as part of our strategy, do contracts and Janitorial services. We shall continue to focus on Deep Cleaning for the time being unless of course there is a sizable contract to warrant our interest. However,  we shall be happy to consult for Owners’ Associations and Facilities Managers in buildings concerned with the hygiene of their Public Toilets and Challenge areas. Call us at 04-3689941 or send us an email at