Post Construction Cleaning in Dubai

Whether it is newly constructed Villa or a commercial concern like an Office, Showroom, Restaurant or a Clinic, Post Construction Deep Cleaning of the property is of paramount importance.  Deep cleaning after construction is however a very technical subject. There are few things that are important to consider before awarding the contract to a Cleaning Company.  You must ask the contender company what equipment it has to Clean and sanitize the following areas;

  • Dust Settled in Hidden Areas
  • Dust settled in Nooks and Corners
  • Dust settled in the crevices of Hinges
  • Grouting Material Residue on Tiles
  • Gum Marks and residues on Floors and Walls
  • Paint Marks on Walls, Doors, Floor and Sanitaryware and Kitchen equipment etc.
  • Sanitization of Kitchen and Bathrooms

Many of the contender companies will be poorly equipped with Vacuum Cleaners, Mop and Bucket based cleaning equipments. Their major weapon is Chemicals for everything. However, you must question yourself if you can allow them to clean the facility with Mop & Buckets using dangerous Chemicals? Majority of the cleaning Companies are either Maid Services or Contractual Janitorial Companies where they place their unskilled labor in Clients facilities. Such unskilled cleaners do not know how to deep clean a facility after construction. Besides over usage of Chemicals is part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai, however specializes in after construction or Post Construction Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai. We use State of the Art Steam Cleaning Machines with scores of Accessories designed specially to clean difficult to reach areas. Our Steam and Suction Machines will ensure removal of dirt, dust, Stink, and Stains etc. At 160 degree Centigrade, most of the residues are loosened from the surface and strong suction function will lift and suck even gum without using any Chemicals. We do not provide Maid or Janitorial Services nor we do monthly Contracts. We Specialize in Deep Cleaning through Steam Cleaning and we are very relevant for Post Construction, Moving-in, Moving-Out or Spring Cleaning. We never Claim to be Number One or The Best. However, we always strive to ‘Be Relevant’ when it comes to Deep Cleaning.

We work with some of the prominent Construction and Interior Contractors in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Whether you are a Contractor, Consultant or a proud owner of a property like Villa, Restaurant, School, Nursery or a Clinic, we are Relevant! Call us at 04-3689941 or 055-4961893.