It’s a Gala Season in The UAE

Dubai just won the honor of hosting #EXPO2020. a Brilliant work by Dubai in particular and UAE in general. I wish to congratulate all Nationals, residents and thank the Rulers of Emarat for their vision and making it possible for all who love Dubai and UAE. It is no mean feat. It is an achievement of astronomical proportions and it was celebrated in a befitting manner last night.

On December 02, 2013, there is 42nd. National day celebrations in the UAE and then there is Christmas and New Year 2014. It’s a festive season and the festivities are in the air everywhere.

Everyone believes, and genuinely so, that holding of EXPO2020 in Dubai is going to usher in an unprecedented era of growth, development and prosperity not only for Dubai and UAE but also for the whole region.

Trading partners of UAE and businesses all around the world will experience positive impact of this event as the country enters a long period of development in terms of infrastructure and in the sectors of Aviation, Hospitality, Real Estate, Communication Networks, Retail, and Tourism etc. to name a few. Indeed we are lucky to be living in these exciting times.

Let’s celebrate this Gala season and work towards the achievement of our own individual as well as collective goals. We Love you Dubai. We love you UAE.

*Acknowledgement: Photo Courtesy AFP Images