Deep Cleaning With Steam reduces need for Pest Control

Deep Cleaning With SteamAs Experts in Deep Cleaning in Dubai the Natural way i.e., through Steam Cleaning, we are often asked this question… Should we do the pest control first or Deep Cleaning First? The callers are both who are looking for periodic or one time Deep Cleaning and also those who are looking for Moving-in Cleaning. We wish to make it clear for all those who are interested in this question that Deep Cleaning through Steam Cleaning reduces the need to do the pest control. Pest control is done with chemical agents that are not only harmful to our health as we breathe them in, they are also bad for our environment. We are of the view that if you keep your house clear of food leftovers and crumbs etc. and have your Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living Areas and Bedrooms Steam mopped once every quarter, if not monthly, you can ward-off all the creepy crawly invaders. With Steam Cleaning, you can also protect yourselves and your family members against Dust Mites and Bed Bugs etc if you have steam cleaned your Mattresses, Beds, Carpets, Sofas & Upholstered items and Curtains etc. Bathroom Molds & mildew is easily removed with Steam Cleaning. Steam Cleaning is also very effective to clean oily and sticky surfaces, Ovens and Exhaust Hoods etc.

Therefore, Our advice to your Deep Cleaning needs in Dubai is;

  • Keep Your House Clean of all food particles on Kitchen Surfaces and Floors
  • Don’t Leave unwashed dishes overnight
  • Steam Clean your Bathrooms & Kitchen at least once a quarter if not monthly
  • Steam Clean all your upholstered items, Carpets, curtains and Mattresses at least once a year if not semi-annually
  • Steam Cleaning your oven and Hoods once a quarter is recommended – obviously frequency would depend upon the usage and type of cooking/cuisine
  • Wipe off the bathrooms walls and Bathtub after taking shower/bath with a dry cloth

If you followed our advice, there would hardly be any need for pest control for insects like cockroaches, dust mites and bed bugs etc. At the same time, your bathroom will not have Molds and mildew problems. Clean Kitchen guarantees your family’s health. Just remember Steam Cleaning is 100% Green as we use no chemicals. Mangrove Cleaning Services L.L.C is pioneers in Steam Cleaning and are one of the best Deep Cleaning Companies in Dubai and UAE.