Cleaning for a Multicultural, Multilingual Dubai

I don’t know if there is anyone else in the Cleaning Industry in Dubai who can say they are enjoying this business. We do! We are probably the only exception. There are many who look at us in disbelief when we say that we are enjoying the journey enormously. Cleaning Services in Dubai is normally looked at as a business that involves handling a large number of workforce, their accommodation, a fleet of vehicles and loads of customer complaints. We don’t claim that we don’t face any Challenges in our daily routine. We do but we take pride in dealing with the challenges. Whether it is back office, Marketing or Operations, we all possess this Spirit of Dubai… Do things in style!Cleaning for a Multicultural Dubai

Another beautiful aspect of doing business in Dubai is the cultural mix that we have in our workforce, in our clients, our suppliers and others whom we do business with. I enjoy looking at our multilingual Call Center people grappling with the different names of our clients and facing difficulties conveying their own names to the clients. I often counsel them that it was ok not be 100% accurate with customers name on the phone. That’s the beauty in diversity. Afterall there are 180+ nationalities living in Dubai and UAE.

Mangrove Cleaning Services pride itself in providing Green Cleaning Services in Dubai. We excel in Deep Cleaning as we use Steam Cleaning Machines that cut through thick layers of Dust, Grease and other types of Grime. Steam Cleaning is very effective against killing bacteria, Fungal spores, Algae, Dust mites, Bedbugs and other creepy crawlies. Therefore, Let us help you maintain the health of your families as well as our fragile ecosystem as we use no chemicals but Just Steam for cleaning and sanitizing your facilities. We serve to clean Villas, Apartments, Offices and other Commercial places in Dubai, UAE.