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  • Restaurant Cleaning in Dubai During Ramadan

    Restaurant Cleaning: As majority of the Restaurants & Cafes in Ramadan are not operating during the day in Dubai. It is an excellent time for these restaurants and cafes to carry out Deep Cleaning. Restaurant Cleaning in Dubai is a very sensitive topic. Dubai Municipality is very strict in enforcing Hygiene and Cleanliness standards. At Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai, we have acquired expertise in Steam Cleaning. Steam Cleaning is the best method of Deep Cleaning different Areas of the [...]

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    Deep Cleaning With Steam in Dubai During Ramadan 2013

    Deep Cleaning: There is hardly a week left between now and 1st. Day of Ramadan 2013 in Dubai, UAE. We are witnessing peak demand for booking our Deep Cleaning Services during Ramadan in Dubai, UAE. Ramadan is a month of the cleansing of body and soul. So Muslims across the world and similarly in Dubai celebrate it as a festive month and focus on deep clean their Villas, Apartments and Offices. As Steam Cleaning is a green method of cleaning, i.e., without using any chemicals, families prefer [...]

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    Moving to Dubai? Looking for Moving-in Cleaning?

    With the renewed surge in Real Estate Development and Construction in Dubai, there is a surge in numbers of people who are moving to Dubai, UAE. These new settlers in Dubai come to either join their new jobs. Start their new businesses or even to occupy their purchased properties in Dubai. With increased economic activity demand for services is increasing at the rapid pace too. Cleaning Companies in UAE: Cleaning Companies in UAE will be at the forefront to cater to the Deep Cleaning needs of[...]

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    When Do you need a Deep Clean of your House?

    Why Deep Cleaning Important? In a Commercial place like Dubai, when you move in a new house, you got to have a deep clean. It does not matter how clean the house looks once the contractor or landlord hands you over the keys. If you have it built new or have rented the house just now. Deep Cleaning is not about the clean looks only. It is about thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all areas where your family. Especially children are going to spend most of their time. These areas include but are [...]

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