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    Dubai is back on track, if not surpassed the Pre-Global Economic Crisis levels. New projects are being unveiled, New businesses are being launched and of course, new residents are moving in Dubai. We are the first witness to all this activity as we are often the first choice Villa Cleaning Company in Dubai for new and old residents alike. Just today we had an ocular inspection of a huge 20-Bed Emirates Hills Villa. Mangrove Cleaning Services is their First Choice Cleaning Company because besides deep cleaning the Villa we can also Steam Clean almost 150 curtains while hanging and numerous rugs without removing them from the Villa.

    At Mangrove Cleaning Services we Love Cleaning Villas as it allows us to manifest our commitment to 1) Conserving Water as we use almost 1/16th portion of water in steam as compared to traditional Cleaning 2) Protect Environment as we do not use Chemicals to clean and sanitize and 3) Protect the health of your family by sanitizing contact surfaces and home furnishings like Upholstered furniture, Mattresses, Carpets etc.  Steam Cleaning is also effective in areas like Kitchen and Bathrooms that are extremely sensitive. Steam Cleaning Kills 99.9% bacteria and fungal spores, eliminates dust mites and even those bed begs that come in contact with the steam delivered at 10 Bars pressure and 160C temperature.

    Mangrove has carved a brand recognition when it comes to Deep Cleaning of Villas, After-construction Cleaning of Villas and Moving-in Moving out Cleaning of Villas. Call us at 043689941, 0554961893 or contact us