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  • The Green Revolution in Cleaning – Be part of it!

  • The world is moving away from chemicals based cleaning as it is becoming ever more evident that harmful chemicals are causing havoc to our environment, above ground, on ground and below ground. So Let’s save Planet Earth together.

    “It’s our Mission at Tamona Trading LLC Dubai to offer our customers – both end users as well as the cleaning companies – State of the Art Steam Cleaning Machines that produce natural dry steam to clean and sanitize instead of using the harmful chemicals. As our efforts catch traction, we envisage a green revolution taking place in our markets, Middle East & South Asia.”

    Marching towards our Vision of Green Revolution

    To achieve this mission-critical vision, we have partnered with Steamtech srl Italy with Mr. Mauro Berardi at the helm of
    its affairs. Mauro is from this new breed of Italian industrialists who are passionate about Environment. Superior
    Quality, Contemporary Design & Reliable Functionality is at the heart of his manufacturing philosophy. He’s also a proud
    proponent of 100% Made in Italy! Both Tamona and Steamtech will create a Green Revolution!

    In order to realize our mission we shall supply State of the Art Steam Cleaning Machines in the UAE and the Gulf countries. Steamtech Steam cleaning machines come at affordable prices so that your cost of cleaning service is significantly lower than chemical based cleaning. This incentive, we believe will replace chemicals with our state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment. We can quantify our claim about cutting your costs. Contact us for discussion.
    Thank you for your time and interest.
    AG – CEO