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  • Small & Smart Or Big & Bulky?

  • We were in the fever of growing big and were finding it difficult to manage the rapid growth which was bringing nothing but operational inefficiencies, tired workforce and above all thin margins. Company stopped, we stepped back and we reflected. We had started to feel that in order to survive in this industry we had to have numbers in our workforce. Because in Cleaning Business numbers were very important.

    During this pause and reflection, we discovered that we were doing exactly what we did not want to do when we started Mangrove Cleaning Services in Dubai. Mangrove did not want to follow Industry practices. We did not want to benchmark against other Cleaning Companies in UAE.

    We wanted to create a Blue Ocean which essentially means create an uncontested market space where competition is rendered meaningless. This is done by focusing on non customers of the Industry. This is done by cutting fats & by eliminating outdated practices. This helps you cut the costs. On the other hand, you enhance and introduce new value propositions. You give Value Innovation to the discerning clients that you make. You expand your boundaries by being relevant to people whom you want to have as your customers.

    Steam Cleaning

    To cater to One-Time Deep Cleaning In Dubai, we had introduced a brilliant concept called Steam Cleaning. And had vowed not to use Chemicals and Mop & Bucket based outdated and unhygienic cleaning. But in our exuberance to get more and more business, we had started mixing both. Few months back, we re-evaluated our strategy and we were shocked to see that there was no traces of Blue Ocean Strategy. So we decided to go back to drawing board and redraw our picture.

    As a company that wanted to pride itself as totally Green Cleaning Company in Dubai and in the Gulf region. Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai started getting out of the monthly contracts where we were blocking our human resources. We were serving those customers who did not share our vision of Eco friendly cleaning using State-of-the-Art Steam Machines. These are not only clean but sanitize the surfaces as well. We started freeing up ourselves for those who wanted our Green Cleaning Services. But somehow or the other we were unable to reach and service them.

    Last two months have been very encouraging and we are serving the clients that we define as our customers and their profile is Modern, Health conscious Families & Organizations that understand the value of preserving very fragile Eco-Balance of our environment. Our profiled clients patronize us for providing them Value innovation. They treat us differently than the run of the mill cleaning companies. On our part, we want to be relevant to this profile of clients and we don’t care about our size or ranking in the Cleaning Industry in Dubai & Gulf region. So till the time we are not ready to add more Human resources our choice is Small & Smart!