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  • Saving on Painting and Deep Cleaning before Moving in

  • When you are moving in a new house, Deep Cleaning and Painting of the house are decisions that go hand in hand. However, it is our observation that majority of our clients make these decisions independent for each service.

    If you are looking for Cleaning and Painting services in Dubai, this often results in:

    1. Struggle to find different vendors for Cleaning and Painting Services
    2. Plight in Dealing with more than one vendors
    3. Spending extra money which could have negotiated lower while dealing with one vendor for both services

    However, there is often this question if same company can do both the jobs equally good? Not if the same company is doing 10 different things. You have to see if the company specializes in Deep Cleaning in Dubai or not as that is a very delicate matter. Maid Services or Janitorial service providers do not and cannot train their people to perform Deep Cleaning Services. Their people are normally working on contracts where there is more of a regular superficial cleaning on daily basis. Companies like Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai focus only on Deep Cleaning and thus our Cleaning Crew becomes Specialists in Deep Cleaning as they encounter different conditions on each project.

    At Mangrove we offer painting services through our Painting Division. This division was necessitated as our clients often require us to take both the jobs so that we could;

    • Offer them a better price for both the services as a package
    • free them up from having to deal with different vendors
    • Free them up from the tension of scheduling and liaising with different vendors