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  • Restaurant Cleaning in Dubai During Ramadan

  • Restaurant Cleaning:

    As majority of the Restaurants & Cafes in Ramadan are not operating during the day in Dubai. It is an excellent time for these restaurants and cafes to carry out Deep Cleaning. Restaurant Cleaning in Dubai is a very sensitive topic. Dubai Municipality is very strict in enforcing Hygiene and Cleanliness standards. At Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai, we have acquired expertise in Steam Cleaning.

    Steam Cleaning is the best method of Deep Cleaning different Areas of the Restaurants and Cafes. It includes Kitchen, Dining Areas, Stores, Washroom & Facilities and reception Areas. Steam Cleaning ensures degreasing of cookers cleaning and sanitization of Ovens, Deep Freezers, Refrigerators, and Chillers etc. Steam Cleaning is a totally Green Cleaning Service as we use no chemicals in cleaning and sanitization.

    Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai is the only One-Stop Shop for all your cleaning and sanitization requirements. We not only clean Areas and equipment but also clean and sanitize, curtains, Carpets and upholstered furniture in the restaurant. Call us while we still have few openings in our schedule leading up to Eid.