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  • Pre Eid Home Cleaning

  • Pre Eid Home Cleaning

    Pre Eid Home Cleaning (including curtains, carpets, upholstery and mattresses etc) is a tradition in Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE. Advent of holy month of Ramadan is the start of a festive season for the faithful.  However, the real celebration is on the culmination of Ramadan which is the start of Eid Festivities. The fervor of Ramadan and Eid is shared by all residents (including Non-Muslims) and Nationals of UAE.

    Pre Eid Home Cleaning is as much part of the traditions as it is the need for deep cleaning and both are combined during this time of the year. So Pre Eid Home Cleaning also serves the Spring Cleaning needs of the families living in Dubai and UAE. While choosing a cleaning company in Dubai for carrying out the deep cleaning, the local families in Dubai prefer to deal with one company that can deliver all their cleaning needs in one go. They also prefer cleaning and sanitizing of their property and furnishing with Hygienic and eco friendly Steam Cleaning.

    Mangrove Services LLC Dubai – The pioneers of Deep Steam Cleaning in Dubai deliver immaculate Pre Eid Home Cleaning Services. We use state of the art steam cleaning machines to clean and sanitize Kitchens and kitchen equipment, Bathrooms and accessories, grouts, and furnishings in the house. What is peculiar about our service is that we do not remove the curtains, carpets, furniture and mattresses etc. We steam clean and sanitize them wherever they are hanging or placed.

    We will welcome any inquiries regarding Pre Eid Home Cleaning in Dubai and other Emirates. You will enjoy the seamless experience right from the inquiry to estimate to quotation, deliver of the service to post service interaction with our great friendly staff. Call us at 04-3689941 or send us an inquiry Here