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  • Peace of mind while on Holidays… We Clean your house in your absence

  • As a conscientious Cleaning Company in Dubai we always thinks how to be and stay relevant to you – our customers.  The management team at Mangrove Services LLC has been mulling over for last couple of years as to how we can provide Peace of Mind to you while you are away on holidays during long Summer Vacation. Our thought journey on this topic started when few of our customers, returned from their holidays and found themselves in a nightmare situation.

    • One of them actually walked into a flooded house that was stinking bad.  A leak went unnoticed and since no one was there to attend to, it flooded the house.
    • Another was devastated to see that the whole house including bedrooms were full of mold and fungus. Apparently some windows were not properly sealed and since no airconditiners were on, humid months of holidays proved ideal for mold and fungal growth. They had small children prone to breathing and skin problems.
    • Many of them returned from holidays to land at wee hours in their utterly dust laden houses where breathing dust would cause great distress.

    In all these cases the holiday makers had to check into hotels once they found that their homes were not fit for spending the night. Next couple of days were spent to handle the emergency deep cleaning and saving the valuable furnishing items.

    Experienced in deep cleaning, we did resolve their problems of deep and emergency cleaning and were able to revive their carpets, curtains and other moldy items. However, it set us on the thinking path as to how we can help them to avoid such emergencies in the first place. So we came up with a package where we shall ensure that you do not have to face any such situation. This package will include (but can be tailored to your requirements);

    • Inspect your House on Periodic basis
    • Aerate your House on Periodic basis
    • Dust and Vacuum your House on Periodic basis
    • Deep Steam Clean your House 1-2 days prior to your arrival back from the holidays
    • Start your car(s) on periodic basis to make sure battery does not go dead during your holidays
    • Deep Steam Clean Your Car(s) 1 day prior to your arrival

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