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  • How Newly Built Dream Houses Become Nightmare!

  • Ever witnessed how newly built dream houses become nightmare? Working as a Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai, we have seen this phenomena too often.We have seen how euphoria of owning a new house turned into a pain point. It’s really heart wrenching.  Much is to blame to the lack of professionalism by some builders. We have witnessed following typical cases of neglect by the builders and contractors;

    • Fixing and grouting of tiles is not done properly leaving some of the tiles hollow thus susceptible to breakage. Similarly sometimes grouting lines are not filled securely and uniformly. This results at times portions of those lines coming off.
    • At the time of finishing the tiling work residue from grouting materials were not cleaned immediately resulting in a thin layer of smudges all across the floor. Once it stays stuck there for long time, it becomes a nightmare and cleaning companies are unable to clean it.
    • The marbled and stoned floors were not properly sealed.  If the floor surface is not properly sealed, spills get absorbed easily. These spills turn into floor stains. Even water seepage can create stains that are impossible to clean. This is a damage to the floor.  A cleaning company cannot undo this damage through cleaning. It becomes the subject of a floor-care company.
    • If a contractor does not perform the  process of grinding, sealing and polishing of marble floor, the whole floor gets smudges that are reflected only when light is shed. It’s important to choose the Marble & Floor Care Company that has good track record. Again do not expect that a cleaning company will be able to clear the smudges that are under the polished layer.
    • While installing doors and window frames contractors did a bad job leaving uneven gaps and holes.  They later filled with silicon. While the uneven fills create an ugly look they also become an eyesore as the paint does not stick properly on the silicon layer. So it is important not to let your newly built dream houses become nightmare!
    • Painters did not cover the floors.  They did they protect the fixtures, door and window frames etc.  On top of that they did a bad job of painting splashing paint everywhere.It can increase the amount of work for the cleaning company leading to higher expense of deep cleaning. If you bargained hard with the cleaners, cleaners hurry the job. If there are too many paint splashes on glass windows, pressed with the time, some cleaners may use scrapers to speed up the work. Glass protection film or the glass itself can get scratches if scraped. Similarly wooden floors are equally vulnerable to scratches. Therefore, make your contractors responsible to do a good job and clean the splashes as soon as they occur.

    Please note that you can experience above situations even if you buy instead of building a new house.

    How To Avoid Experience of Owning Newly Built Dream Houses Become Nightmare

    Whether you build a new house or buy one from a developer or a private owner, there are measures that you can take to avoid experience of owning newly built dream houses become nightmare. Some of these measures are;

    • Write The Right Contract: Writing a good contract is very important. This contract must protect your interest. Among other things, this contract must have a deposit retention clause. Deposit retention clause means that you will hold some payment from the total negotiated price for at least 3 months after the handover. This retention deposit should be sufficient to cover the expense of redoing those works that have not been performed as per the contract. Contract should also specify that if contractor fails to rectify the snags, you have the right to use this deposit to engage a third party for the rectification work. The retention deposit should be at least 10% of the total contract price.
    • Removal of Debris and First Initial Cleaning: Your contract must also include a clause that complete removal of debris and initial first cleaning is contractor’s responsibility. First cleaning will reveal the condition of floors and fixture and channels etc and it would help you to negotiate the deep cleaning price with the professional Deep Cleaning Companies in Dubai.
    • Engage Professionals for Inspection of the Property before Handover is complete: In order to prepare a snag list, engage independent professionals who know how to inspect property in detail at the time of handover. Hire the services of MEP professionals to check electro mechanical and plumbing jobs and involve professional deep cleaners for inspecting the condition of tiled and marble floors and other details that pose challenge due to contractors negligence and neglect.

    Mangrove Services LLC Dubai, can help you with such pre-inspection and advise you what areas the contractor has short changed you either deliberately or with casual attitude of its people and supervisors. Remember you are under no obligation to accepts less than agreed standards of work from the contractors. Since you have retained a safety deposit, you are in a very good bargaining position to have the rectifications done by either the contractor or a third party using that deposit.

    Mangrove Services Dubai is the First Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai that started using Steam Cleaning Technology as a principal method of Deep Cleaning. Deep Steam Cleaning is a term that we coined an seem to have become the Industry standard.

    Team Mangrove wishes you best of luck with your new home and always eager to provide you par excellence Deep Steam Cleaning Service in addition to the inspection service. We are there to help you to avoid the unintended experience of newly built dream houses become nightmare.