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  • Cleaning services In UAE:

    “I wish I knew it earlier”, “Only if I had met you before”, “I did not know that – I am new to Dubai” …. these are some of the most frequent expressions that we hear from our clients who have just moved to Dubai. Sometimes it is regarding delays while dealing with Government bodies like DEWA (Dubai Water and Electricity Authority), Etisalat, Du etc. for Service Connection, sometimes it is regarding delays by contractors in performing agreed jobs and sometimes it is simply for sourcing services and products etc.

    Due to their naivety, we at times, have to reschedule our Cleaning services – which obviously results in a loss. They were not able to assess that DEWA connection will NOT be on before the scheduled cleaning date. Their Contractor was unable to finish his maintenance job before the scheduled date for Cleaning. Since these hick-ups are genuine and we have to be humane in not charging them for loss of our time and at times mobilization, we often wonder how to minimize, if not eliminate, such occurrences!

    I am writing this blog to invite all those who are new in Dubai, have questions to ask regarding issues and problems I listed above or anything else that they need to discuss with someone who knows the place called Dubai. You may call us at 043689941 and talk to us. You may ask for Abdul (myself) or talk to my colleagues in the office. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and help you in whatever way we can. Dubai is a wonderful place and needs to be explored for quality time. Dubai, with its mix of almost 200 nationalities living in, is one of the friendliest places on the planet.