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  • Move In/Out Cleaning

  • Move-In/Out Deep Cleaning for Residential and Commercial

  • If you are moving in to your new property in Dubai,  You need Deep Cleaning through Steam Cleaning. At Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai, we understand the needs of our clients and offer a Value Innovation for our Clients. We want to be your preferred cleaning company so we make sure that the service and quality you receive is second to none.

    Our  Cleaning Team works hard and we put every effort to measure up with your expectations. We are a Green Cleaning Service and with our superior Steam Cleaning Technology, we work to save you time and money and we reduce the carbon foot prints as we use no Chemicals and save massive amounts of water. We also offer exceptional Value to Builders,  Construction and Fit-out Contractors etc. as we offer a perfect solution for Post-Construction Cleaning

    Below is our standard list that our  Steam cleaners will perform. We definitely address any particular concerns that you have pointed out before and after our Team starts the job. Our task list and quotations is based on providing a high level of personalized service. For your convenience we supply all the necessary materials and equipment without any additional cost.

    Our Move In/Out cleaning comprises the following:

    • Grease removal from kitchen walls
    • Exhaust Fan Cleaning
    • Thorough cleaning of all cabinetry (interior and exterior)
    • Machine scrubbing of floor area*
    • Grout Steam Cleaning especially in Kitchen and Bathroom Floors and Tiles Walls
    • Internal window washing for apartments and villas
    • Cleaning of doors, wardrobes and other wooden fixtures
    • Steam Cleaning of bathrooms
    • Thorough dusting & vacuuming of entire property
    • Balcony & Rails: Washing & Dusting
    • Villas: Pressure washing of paved areas*

    *Additional charges may apply

  • Move In/Out Cleaning