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  • Mangrove Cleaning Co. Dubai – Pioneers in Steam Cleaning!

  • No matter how professional a Steam cleaning outfit is. If they use Mop & Broom as tools to clean homes, they are putting the family’s health at risk. A dirty mop does not clean but just spreads the germs around. If they use chemicals to sanitize surfaces, not only families, especially children, are exposed to inhaling dangerous chemicals. And our environment is also at risk. Chemicals destabilize fragile balance in our Ecosystem. we must not experiment with it under any circumstances. Especially when that Green Cleaning Solutions are available. Steam Cleaning is one such solution that is getting rapid patronage by discerning residents of Dubai. 

    Green Cleaning Services:

    However, besides Mangrove Cleaning Services, there are not many Cleaning Companies in Dubai that use Steam Cleaning. We use Steam Cleaning as a Principal method of delivery in cleaning and sanitizing. Whether it is Deep Cleaning, Move in/Out, One-Off Cleaning of Villas and apartments or regular contracts for janitorial services, Steam Cleaning is fit for all purposes. Through State of the Art Green Cleaning machines, it is possible to clean and sanitize almost all types of surfaces, areas, and articles. Especially white goods, Carpets, Upholstery, Mattresses and Curtains etc.
    I am keen to see what other green cleaning technologies will introduced in next 5-10 years in Dubai, UAE and the Middle East.