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  • Making Difference through your Business

  • When we started Mangrove Services – A Deep Steam Cleaning Company in Dubai – We were very clear that we are venturing in a totally untested territory. Yes, we Pioneered Steam Cleaning in Dubai as a Principal method of Deep Cleaning. We were told that either we should have a workforce not less than 100 people or we should invest heavily in equipment to survive in a market that was dominated with the big players who had both – thousands of employees and expensive equipment.

    We told those scaremongers that we shall not look at the competition and define ourselves through them. We shall not base our business model on theirs and compete on their turf. We shall not be a typical cleaning company in Dubai that equates cleaning with Chemical Mopping, compromising health of humans and pets, polluting environment and wasting scarce water resources. We started our business with a Clear Mission, set of Values and potent Blue Ocean Strategy. Read Our Story.

    Mangrove Service entered into Cleaning business not just for the sake of money, but to make difference. We want to make difference through our business in the lives of people we serve, people we employ and people who live in the communities (whether our customers or not) we serve by respecting environment and saving massive amounts of water.

    Steam Cleaning helps us in fulfilling our Mission of caring about;

    • The Health of the families we serve
    • The Environment we live in
    • Conservation of Water

    We have completed 5 years of our operations in November 2016 during which we have served thousands of families and businesses who have appreciated our standards and our business model. It is with the patronage of our clients that we have been able to not only survive but thrive as a highly profitable company. If you have read our story, you will find that on top of our list of our values is “Customer, and NOT the market practices, is going to be our Focus”, This is one reason we never try to claim positions like No.1 or The Best. We want to be relevant to our customers. As long as we are relevant we shall keep serving them. Period!

    Write to me at abdul@mangroveservices.net(link sends e-mail) if you like our story and want to share your experience of making difference through business. I would also like your direct feedback and advice if you’ve ever availed our service or heard from a friend about us. Cheers. Abdul