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  • Majlis Cleaning & Sanitization Before Ramadan in Dubai, UAE

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    Majlis Cleaning, Sanitization Before Ramadan Dubai التنظيف و التعقيم من المجلس قبل شهر رمضان

    Every year before Ramadan (رمضان )UAE National families start preparing for this sacred month. Ramadan is a very special time of the year for all Muslims. UAE National families go to great lengths in their preparations. These preparations include, but are not limited to, Painting and Cleaning of the house thoroughly. Cleaning of Curtains, Upholstered items, Deep Cleaning of their homes take place during this month which leads to big celebrations of Eid al Fitr.

    During Ramadan, one area is especially of great significance for the UAE families and that is Majlis. From Iftar to Imsak Guests are seated in the Majlis and Food is served to them during this period. Majlis has to be in a top condition before the start of Ramadan.

    Since we have introduced Steam Cleaning to Dubai, every year before Ramadan starts, we start receiving bookings to clean and sanitize the Majlises. Some families also get their Ramadan Tents steam cleaned along with all that inside, seats, cushions, Curtains and Carpets etc.

    Mangrove Services LLC Dubai is the most relevant company when it come to cleaning and sanitization of Homes, Majlises and all that is within these places. Call us at 04-3689941 or Inquire directly  for Free Quote.