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  • Majlis Cleaning Before Ramadan

  • Majlis Cleaning before Ramadan is a ritual that Emarati families in Dubai follow with a religious fervor. Ramadan is not only about fasting and religious duties, it is also a festive season. It provides a month long occasion for socialization to friends and the families. During Ramadan Majlis is a busy place to receive the guests for Iftar. They eat, drink and socialize long after the Iftar. Guests stay long after the Iftar as they enjoy the break after the tough fasting day.

    Majlis for Ramadan can extend from a permanent structured sitting room to one or more tents depending upon the social position and spirit of the hosts to entertain their guests. Majlis can have a very elaborate seating and dining arrangements. Daily number of guests, on ongoing basis, during the Ramadan can be in scores and even hundreds. It’s a month of charity and entertaining guests. Food flows freely.

    Majlis Cleaning Before Ramadan
    Majlis Cleaning Before Ramadan

    With the backdrop of such festivity, Majlis cleaning before Ramadan is of paramount importance for Emarati families. Majlis must be in spick n span condition before gatherings start taking place. Deep Cleaning of Majlis is commissioned well in time before Ramadan starts. A cleaning company is entrusted with the job to hygienically clean and sanitize everything within the majlis.

    Mangrove Services LLC has vast experience of providing onsite services of majlis cleaning before Ramadan. We use steam machines for cleaning and sanitizing Majlis. We are required to deep steam clean all the hard surfaces, all the furnishings including Sofas, Seating Cushions, Carpets, Curtains and even the tents.

    With over 10 years of Majlis Cleaning before Ramadan, Mangrove Services have loyal customers that book in advance our services. We are very happy to be able to contribute towards an excellent experience for hosts and guests alike by providing then fresh, clean and hygienically sanitized environment during Ramadan. Call us at 043689941 or send us an email at info@mangroveservices.net