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  • How To Know If Your Home Needs Regular Cleaning Or Deep Steam Cleaning?

  • If you have been avoiding cleaning thoroughly for a long time, you will need to decide whether you should go for regular cleaning or deep steam cleaning. The thought of steaming the carpets and cleaning the refrigerators might want us to crawl under the covers. It requires more effort to put the rubber gloves on. While living in UAE, you can opt for deep steam cleaning services from a professional company.

    Frequency of use

    Steam cleaning in Dubai is mostly required once in a year but different things require cleaning at different times depending upon the frequency of their use. For instance, your microwave that is used on regular basis requires regular cleaning every week. Wiping it once a week is better than deep cleaning twice a month. A deep steam clean is recommended after a certain time period. Similarly, towels are used on daily basis and mostly they aren’t cleaned the way they are supposed to. Towels should be regularly cleaned with hot water every 3 days of usage.

    Cleaning for health

    Bedlinens need to be changed after every two weeks. Desert emirates of UAE are full of dust, so the bedlinens must be changed and cleaned on regular basis after 2 weeks. Similarly, regular cleaning of bathtub is required on daily basis due to the frequency of its use. It should be deep cleaned every week as well because it might leave germs or any bacteria when you take a bath after gym, work or any outdoor activity. As per the latest research, the toilet area is not as dirty or prone to germs as the bathtub is.

    Regular cleaning for healthy eating

    Kitchen is the main area of the house that requires some serious cleaning to be done on regular basis. The countertops and sink require regular cleaning; the sponges and washcloths used for cleaning should also be regularly cleaned. The sponges shall be deep cleaned once a week and should be changed after every two months. Refrigerators and salad drawers shall be deep cleaned every month.

    Carpets need your attention

    It might be a little heart breaking, but vacuuming isn’t counted as carpet cleaning. If you do not steam your floors regularly, it is harmful for health and a carpet could contain about 200,000 bacteria per inch. Your carpets need to be cleaned regularly and must be deep steam cleaned every three months if you don’t clean them regularly, and even more frequently if you have a pet at home.

    Steam cleaning in Dubai isn’t difficult because the services of professionals can be availed on hourly basis and your house will be as good as new. When to go for regular cleaning, and when to opt for deep steam cleaning depends upon the frequency of use of a particular thing. As a rule of thumb, get your house deep steam cleaned at least twice a year.