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  • Flooded Property in Dubai? Get it steam Cleaned & Sanitized!

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    Flooded Property in Dubai? Get it steam Cleaned & Sanitized!

    UAE experienced an unprecedented stormy day on March 9, 2016. Heavy rain flooded roads and inundated private and public properties throughout the country. There was flood water in Metro Stations. Flood water affected Airports. Businesses and Schools had to shut as rain induced floods made routine life impossible. Private Cars and Public Transport could be seen floating around with engines shut and Riders had to abandon their vehicles in some places and walk in the ankle high water. When the water recedes, it will leave debris and soiled floors, carpets  and furniture in homes and public places like Metros. These places not only needs to be cleaned but sanitized too. Mangrove Cleaning Services LLC  is a Steam Cleaning Company in Dubai that uses steam as a principal method of cleaning. Steam not only cleans perfect but sanitizes the surfaces too at the same time without using chemicals. Steam kills 99.9 % bacteria and other germs. Call Mangrove Services at 04-3689941 or get a free quotation for Your Deep Cleaning needs and Painting services.