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  • EXPO 2020 – Dubai we wish you good luck!

  • Expo 2020:

    Dubai is moving full steam ahead to impress the world with its eagerness and readiness to host the most prestigious event that is called Expo 2020. The countdown to the date of announcement of the winner city has started. There is an air of anticipation everywhere.

    If you talk to Government officials and Private Businessmen. There does not seem to be a shred of doubt as to who will get to host this prestigious event. Dubai is it – the unanimous answer! There is a widespread Public support for the hosting of World Expo 2020. Many believe that it will be a game changer not only for Dubai and UAE. But also for the Gulf countries as a whole.

    There was a symposium few days back from October 22 to October 24. More than 250 representatives from 167 member nations of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). The international organization that oversees World Expo, witnessed what the country offers, including stability and safety. Its open and dynamic economic environment. The readiness of its infrastructure and the overwhelming public support for the bid. (Image Credit: Courtesy: Expo 2020 thru Gulf News)

    Dubai’s strengths in infrastructure and connectivity were discussed in the symposium with visiting representatives of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). Reem Al Hashmi, UAE Minister of State and Managing Director of Dubai Expo 2020, highlighted the global relevance of Mobility, Sustainability, and Opportunity, the Dubai Expo 2020 subthemes. Industry leaders and global experts in the fields of Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity joined the meeting.

    Cleaning Companies:

    Expo 2020 in Dubai have far and wide implications for all type of businesses in the country and the region. What it means to businesses like Cleaning Companies in Dubai is significant as growth spurred by this mega event will trickle down to all segments of Business like manufacturing, construction, trade, and service sectors. Dubai and UAE are already known for mega Structures and Events. And EXPO 2020 is going another significant feather in the crown. We in Dubai salute the Vision of Rulers of Dubai and UAE and wish Dubai and UAE all the best in their bid for the event.