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  • #Dubai is ‘The Destination’ and we Clean Dubai

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    Dubai has emerged as one of the finest cities in the world. Burj Khalifa – to date The Tallest Building in the World. Dubai Mall, The Largest Mall in the world. Burj al Arab The First 7-star Hotel in the world. Emirates Air, the Best Air Lines of the world for many years and operating the largest wide-body airplanes fleet. Dubai Airports probably the best and the busiest Airports and numerous other places of interest…

    Oh, I forgot to mention the Palms and The World, the man made Islands that really put Dubai on the map of the earth.  These are some of the places that attract people from around the Globe to Dubai. And then we have Events in Sports where Dubai hosts the finest World Cup in Racing, Tennis Tournament, Rugby 7 and Golf Tournaments. here the best and finest teams and individuals participate from all over the world. Trade fairs, summits, conferences, product launches etc. attract millions of trade and business visitors to this fast expanding city state. The unparalleled infrastructure in Road Networks, Communication and ease of setting up and doing business makes Dubai a First Choice for all the major multinationals and aspiring regional entrepreneurs to set up their regional Headquarters in Dubai.

    clean dubail

    Over last one decade where most of the world plunged to serious crisis post 9/11, Dubai saw the fastest growth of its history. This growth has put tremendous pressure on resources like water supply, power generation, and Cleaning requirements. Dubai prides itself in taking green initiatives that reduce carbon footprints and conserve precious natural resources like water. Dubai Government in general and Dubai Municipality, in particular, lead the initiative in these areas.

    The private sector, too responds to these imperatives for keeping our environment safe for our posterity. At Mangrove Cleaning Services L.L.C., we use Steam Cleaning as a Principal method of delivery of services. Steam Cleaning is 100% Green solution for Family’s Health and  Environment as we use No Chemicals in our Cleaning of Homes & Offices. Thus we support Dubai’s green initiatives.