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  • When Looking For Different Types of Dubai Cleaning Services, Know What You Need!

    Dubai Cleaning Services  or Cleaning Companies in Dubai is a search usually performed even when one is looking for Specialized Deep Cleaning companies. However, most of the search results would return companies that offer Maid Services in Dubai and Janitorial Services in Dubai. While there are some Maid services and Janitorial Service companies that offer Deep Cleaning, they are not specialized in the domain of deep cleaning.

    What distinguishes one type of service from the other is the nature of the requirement of cleaning service. For the sake of convenience, Cleaning services can be broadly divided into three categories.

    1. Maid Services
    2. Janitorial Services
    3. Deep Cleaning Companies in Dubai

    Maid Services

    In Dubai Cleaning Services Companies may or may not offer Maid services depending upon their selection of cleaning domain. These are the Services offered mostly to domestic clients. Maid services can be a one-off service or a regular periodic contract. Maids can be resident of the house hired on long term contracts or they are sent by a maid services supply company on hourly basis. In this case one or more maids will go to a house and perform light cleaning chores like dusting of furniture, vacuuming, moping etc. Some customers also ask the maids to do dishes, laundry, ironing and changing of bed linen etc. These maids may or may not carry their light equipment and cleaning materials. Mostly the clients will provide their own cleaning equipment and materials for the routine cleaning jobs. 

    Janitorial Services

    These are mostly the contractual services for cleaning the offices and other commercial places. Again the Janitorial cleaners can be 9-5 staff responsible to maintain the clean look or they can be a visiting cleaner or a team of cleaners, depending upon the size of the place, who would come according to a frequency requested by the client. They would either visit before the office hours or after the office hours. They have limited time, normally one hour or so in which they will dust all the furniture, empty all the trash cans/bins, replace the trash bags and clean the toilets and pantry. By the virtue of the nature of the job, limited time and contract amount, they have to work like a hurricane and target is to deliver a cleaning looking work place. Clean looking might not necessarily be clean though! It’s worth noting that like maid Services, it’s not necessary that all of Dubai Cleaning services will offer Janitorial services.

    Deep Cleaning Services

    Deep Cleaning is a different subject altogether. These are highly specialized Services. These are not routine services like Maid services or janitorial services. Rather it is a one time or infrequently periodic service. Deep Cleaning is like grooming the whole property inch by inch. It is carried out with a view to making the property not only squeaking clean but also sanitized. It’s most relevant for Post Construction, Post Renovation, Before Moving in a new place or after moving out of a place or for once a year thorough and detailed cleaning of the property that is called Spring Cleaning. Some clients however prefer deep cleaning on quarterly basis.

    What Makes Deep Cleaning Different From Other Cleaning Services?

    Deep cleaning is a totally different type of beast and it requires totally different approach to cleaning process. It’s a detailed cleaning which means not only lifting and removing dust, dirt and grime but also sanitizing the space that is being cleaned. Deep Cleaning involves reaching, cleaning and sanitizing all areas including those areas that are difficult to reach during the routine cleaning. There are very few Dubai Cleaning Companies that are specialized in Deep Cleaning Services.

    Why it’s Critical to hire  Dubai Cleaning Services that are Specialist in Deep Cleaning

    There are three Critical Elements that determine the Quality of Deep Cleaning performed by a Cleaning Company. A Professional company will invest heavily in all three elements.

    1. Tools, Equipment & Accessories
    2. Quality of Materials and Supplies
    3. Training of Staff & Cleaning Crew

    Tools, Equipment & Accessories

    Can we achieve Deep Cleaning of a Villa with a Vacuum cleaner, traditional mop & bucket full of water and chemicals?  The answer is resounding No!

    It requires sophisticated equipment like Steam Machines with host of accessories that can reach nooks and corners whether it is first cleaning post construction or post renovation or a detailed Spring Cleaning after one or more years. For example part of steam machines, the accessories including nozzles and brushes of various sizes and shapes are designed to clean the areas where manually it’s virtually impossible to reach. Steam delivered at 160C not only loosen the dirt particles from the surface, it also kills 99.9% microbes.

    If the property is newly built or renovated, contractors leave cement remnants, paint splashes, grouting materials stuck to walls, windows and floors. If the cleaning crew is not equipped with required tools and materials, indiscriminate use of scrapers and abrasives might ruin shiny surfaces and leave scratches on window films, porcelain tiles and stainless steel items. The quality of materials used is also very important. A professional deep cleaning company would never compromise on the quality of materials. The responsibility to use green cleaning materials instead of harsh chemicals preferring expensive microfiber clothe instead of cheap abrasive cotton rags or towels is a commitment that very few cleaning companies  in Dubai keep while serving the clients. Quality of Training of crew to treat different surfaces on their own merit is also very critical in deep cleaning.

    Training of Staff playing different roles

    In order to specialize in Deep cleaning, one of the most critical elements is training of all those who are going to be part of that supply chain. This training is both i classroom environment and on the job. Training of staff is done on the lines that they are details oriented and where purpose is not only to clean but sanitize too. It does require a commitment to the business in a away that everything is geared up to that coveted goal of delivering a sterling Deep Cleaning.

    Training of Call Center & Sales Staff

    Training starts from the training of Call center/Sales people about how to respond to clients, what kind of questions to ask to help the potential client specify her requirements. They are trained not only to sell but also help client understand their own requirements and implications of their different choices while choosing a service or a service provider.

    Training Of Inspection Staff

    Training of the evaluator who does the inspection of the site whether for Post Construction Cleaning, Post Renovation Cleaning or even Spring Cleaning is also very important. She should be able to spot the difficult to reach areas from ceiling borders to nooks and corners that need special attention and be able to communicate the challenge to the cleaning team so that there is no tension at the handover time between cleaning team and the client.

    Training Of Cleaning Crew

    Training of Cleaning Crew should cover following topics

    Personal Hygiene


    Cleaning Materials and their Impact on Environment

    Use of Water while Cleaning

    Understanding their Job and Standard Operating Procedures

    Advise the Challenges, our approach and possible outcomes to the Client before hand

    The Rhythm of Cleaning

    Handing Over  

    At Mangrove Services LLC Dubai we train our cleaning crew on above topics both in the classroom environment as well as on the job. Personal hygiene and its importance is instilled right from the beginning before they go for their first job. Detailed lecture is delivered on Ethics covering topics like avoiding the short cuts while performing job, being honest with the supervisor and the client if a mistake is made, resisting temptations of using clients items or stealing and its implications etc. We make our crew understand the importance of preserving our environment and saving water resources. This our commitment to Environment, Family health and to save Water resources that we have adopted Green Cleaning practices. We use Steam Machines and Green Materials for Cleaning and Sanitizing. We avoid using harsh chemicals. Our new recruits learn the rhythm of steam cleaning from their senior team leaders and supervisors for months before they carry out their responsibilities independently.

    If you wish to engage Mangrove Services for Deep Cleaning of your Villa, Apartment, Office or any other property, you may call us at +971 4 3689941 or write us at info@mangroveservices.net  or directly Request a Quote Happy Deep Cleaning.