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  • Disinfection Practices against COVID 19

  • Disinfection Practices against COVID 19

    The new Corona Virus known as COVID 19 is the scariest virus humanity has ever known. It has spread to almost all parts of the earth, has caused more than 20.5 million infections resulting in more than 745K deaths world wide and the morbidity and mortality continues. We still have neither a cure nor a vaccine with us although the there are encouraging news from different parts of the world regarding vaccine. So long as there is no vaccine or cure, let’s try to understand the Nature of the Beast – What it is and what it is not! Once understood, it is only then we can shape our response to deal with the menace.

    Understanding Corona Virus: Let’s understand the virality & anatomy of this virus, how it infects and in the absence of a cure or vaccine how we can shape up a prevention response

    Corona VirusCausing Covid 19

    Structure of COVID 19 Virus

    Highly Infectious: Without going into details, we know that It’s a highly contagious virus and have infected and continues to infect millions. We know that once it enters the human cells in good load, it can wreak havoc
    Anatomy: If you look at the Anatomy of this Virus, it consists of Spikes made of Protein. A Lipid Membrane and a protective layer of protein that encloses the lethal RNA. The spikes made of protein help it launching itself onto the human and once latched it releases itself into the human body through nose, mouth and eyes.. Once this virus penetrates the cells, it’s the RNA that causes the infection.
    Weaker & Vulnerable Virus: Lucky for us humans, this anatomic structure makes it a weaker and a vulnerable virus as we can prevent it easily from entering the human body even when we do not have a cure or vaccine. We already know that its structure can be dismembered easily with mild detergents, 60% & above alcohol based disinfectants and host of other organic solvents and chemicals. Since RNA in itself cannot penetrate human body and as fats and proteins get dissolved with disinfectants and detergents, RNA dies in the process.

    The Panic Button Upon Infection
    I totally get it when an office employee tests positive for Covid19 and it creates a fear and a panic button gets pushed. Office is immediately shut down, all employees are screened and quarantined to ascertain if anyone else is carrying or going to develop the infection. 2-3 weeks quarantine period is enough to show the results. Once satisfied that all is good to go, the whole office gets disinfection before allowing employees to get in and resume the work.
    What is beyond me is the level and severity of our response towards disinfection. This is especially alarming that response does not make any distinction between the routine preventive sanitization and disinfection in spaces with reported confirmed or suspicious cases ! The amount of chemicals that are being used to combat this pandemic is totally unwarranted and can get us into a bigger long terms problem – Chemicals based Environmental Pollution and respiratory illnesses!

    We are operating at Survival Mode:
    When we are in a situation that generates fear, we go in a survival mode where our response is based on our primal instincts i.e fight or flight… adrenaline levels take over our rational thinking and we react in panic mode. Covid 19 seems to have activated such a panic button. Our response so far to this pandemic has been on a typical survival level. The clear demonstration of which is seen the way disinfection has taken the shape of an Industry within the cleaning & hygiene Industry.

    The way disinfection is being used as a buzzword and delivered by those who do not understand what it entails, sends chills in my spine. The whole emphasis of these opportunists is to mint money by throwing chemicals indiscriminately here and there and everywhere. The fear factor has equally paralyzed the customers. They also think that throwing lot of chemicals will save them from the pandemic. It might kill the virus but it will also destroy the environment, create respiratory problems for humans and pets. There is a risk that chemicals absorbed or thrown in the underground water might kill significant portion of marine life.

    The need to operate at Creation Mode
    There is a need for rational response and rational response comes when we operate at creation mode. What we know of Corona Virus is that it has a deadly RNA which is wrapped in protein and protected by a lipid membrane and anchors to human body through protein spikes. We know that this virus is highly infectious. We know that once it enters in human cells it replicates quickly and defeats our immune system making its response ineffective. However we also know that it’s lethal when it enters in high load. If the viral load is low, our immune system can learn it and fight it rendering it a low level threat.

    What we also know very well now is that a simple mild detergent can dissolve the lipid membrane and protein rendering RNA ineffective and unable to penetrate as RNA itself cannot launch into human body.

    We also know that a 80+ Celsius temperature also destroys this virus.

    Shaping our response:

    With this knowledge we can shape our response where we kill the virus;

    • Without harming the environment
    • with no collateral damage to the health of humans & pets
    • Without polluting underground water and destroying marine life.

    It’s imperative that we always stay focused on the context… our response to Covid 19 should be based on two scenarios – whereas first is an event, the second one is a process and we need to keep the distinction clear while shaping our response.

    1. Disinfection against suspected or confirmed cases in closed spaces and 
    2. Routine preventive hygienic cleaning and sanitization

    Disinfection Against Suspected or Confirmed Cases: Here a disinfection service needs to follow the protocols set by WHO, CDC or local health and municipal authorities. When a case is reported to a disinfection service, it should immediately inform the local health and municipal authorities, prepare its workers in terms of their safety gear that includes, PPE hazmat suit, N95 mask, Face shield, gloves, shoe covers etc. Approved chemicals dispensed through spray, fogging and wipes etc. The service providers must have arrangements with a bio hazard removal arrangements after the disinfection. The service ensure a safe exit following the mandatory protocols. A professional disinfection company would know what materials – chemicals based or otherwise – and what method to apply for the disinfection service. Dubai Municipality has issued guidelines for Disinfection companies in Dubai.

    Routine Preventive Hygienic Cleaning & Sanitization:

    If there are no suspected or confirmed COVID19 cases, companies and households must avoid the indiscriminate use of harmful chemicals in the name of disinfection. Therefore households and businesses should as for periodic deep cleaning & sanitization of the closed spaces. Fortunately, there are technologies available that are not chemical based and are thus safer options.

    What is the safest option?

    Steam Cleaning and Sanitization is the safest option for routine  hygienic cleaning & Sanitization. That’s why unlike other cleaning companies in Dubai, Mangrove Services LLC does not resort to indiscriminate use of chemicals. Instead it uses green method of cleaning and sanitizing. It uses Steam Cleaning as a principal method of delivery of its deep cleaning services. Steam not only cleans perfect, removing all the dirt and grime from different surfaces, it also kills 99.9% thus sanitizing the surfaces it cleans.

    What Makes Steam Cleaning Unique:

    Steam Cleaning is a process where sanitization is a by-product of cleaning. In case of disinfection, you will have to deep clean the surfaces before disinfection as if the surfaces are dirty, and the operator just uses spray or fogging, the chemicals might not reach under the dirt and microbes may still survive. Therefore Cleaning first and then disinfecting are two separate processes. It will cost more to the household or the business. In case of Steam cleaning, it’s two-in-one and thus more cost effective too.

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