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  • Disasters Of Using Chemicals In Cleaning-Steam Cleaning In Dubai

  • Cleanup is an important portion of our life, whether it will be chemical cleaning or home remedy cleaning. Most of the time people buy chemical detergents for the cleansing of their households, offices, hospitals and other public spaces. When consumers buy these wares, then they do not aware, how toxic and harmful they are, because they include harsh chemicals. Most of the masses are not aware about the tragedies and health risk of these chemical factors. For the consciousness of these chemical detergents, we talk about their disadvantages below.

    Disadvantages of Chemical Cleaning

    • Personal Health

    Instead of cleaning, these chemical detergents may also subsidize to indoor air pollution, can be injurious if inhaled or contacted, and poisonous if absorbed. Extremely harmful cleaning products include causticsewer cleaners, acidic toilet bowl cleaners and oven cleaners. Corrosive cleaners, causes skin infections and burn on the optics. Harsh chemical causes skin diseases and infections if kids inhaled them or touched them unintentionally.

    • Causes irritations and allergens

    Chemical cleaners vary in health risks. Some cleaners, causes immediate reactions such as, watery eyes, chemical burns and skin irritations. While some other causes a long term impression on human health and causes of fatal diseases. Some detergents have fragrances, which causes headache, sneezing, and waterlogged eyes, in delicate people or asthma victims.

    • Environmental Pollution

    Chemical detergents are not only causes of health hazard of human beings, but also severely impact on our environment. When these chemicals mix with water of rivers and lakes, these would be a health risk for marine animals like fish. Because when chemicals reacting with water they change H2O molecules into chlorine (cl) molecules which causes deaths of marine creatures.

    The solution of these problems is to clean your homes with eco-friendly cleaning method. If you are living in Dubai, then it is easier to grab these eco-friendly services. Because cleaning services Dubai provides you the facility of steam cleaning. Mangrove cleaning services are one of the best cleaning companies in Dubai. It provides deep steam cleaning services instead of chemical based cleaning, which exposed to health risk and environmental issues. Deep steam cleaning is the best method to protect your environment, remove health hazards, and made your cleaning echo-friendly. Steam cleaning uses hot water with high pressure vacuum instead of chemicals. It sanitizes all of your households, toilets, kitchens, carpets, curtains and even your door and windows and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

    Pros of Deep Steam Cleaning

    • Sanitization- it deep cleanses all your households, sanitize them. Kills bacteria and fungi which causes skin infections and allergens.
    • It is also called green cleaning because it does not impact on our environment and health.
    • Steam cleaning with heat and high pressure elements sterilize and kills all the microbes.
    • If you have kids and pets, then it becomes requirement to deep cleanse your houses without chemical based agents- deep steam cleaning is good alternative.
    • Instead of hard brushing and shampooing, steam cleaning protects the texture of every product and leaves them in its original quality after cleaning.
    • Steam cleaning protects the quality of the delicate, subtle weaves of carpets and rugs.