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  • Deep Cleaning Steam Cleaning

  • Deep Cleaning Steam Cleaning

    Deep Cleaning Steam Cleaning Services in Dubai are synonymous with Mangrove Services LLC. We use Steam Cleaning as a Principal method of delivery in our Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai.  Mangrove Services coined the term Deep Steam Cleaning for the first time. Whereas Deep Cleaning defines Mangrove Services LLC, Steam Cleaning distinct it from other Cleaning Companies in Dubai.  Deep Steam Cleaning is like grooming the whole property inch by inch. It is carried with a view to making it not only squeaking clean but also sanitized. Its Deep Cleaning Services are far superior than what any other Cleaning Company in Dubai offers. We use Steam Cleaning as a Principal method for all kinds of Deep Cleaning Services.  Mangrove Services holds the credit of coining the term Deep Steam Cleaning that is short for – Deep Cleaning Steam Cleaning. Other deep cleaning services in Dubai and other states have started copying. We deliver superior Deep Steam Cleaning services whether it is for Post Construction Cleaning, Moving Cleaning or Spring Cleaning. Therefore when it comes to Deep Cleaning, we are the most relevant Cleaning Company in Dubai.

    Deep Cleaning Steam Cleaning by Mangrove Services LLC Dubai means not only lifting and removing dust, dirt and grime but also sanitizing the space that is cleaned. Deep Cleaning involves reaching, cleaning and sanitizing all areas including those areas that are not reached during the routine cleaning.

    Does Deep Cleaning require some special techniques and equipment?

    Can we achieve Deep Cleaning of a Villa with a Vacuum cleaner, traditional mop & bucket full of water and chemicals?  The answer is No! Traditional mop just spreads the germs around. Usage of Chemicals might kill the germs but are very harmful for human health and our environment including marine life. Deep cleaning requires a methodical system and proper equipment and techniques using which you ensure that you can reach all nooks and corners that do not meet the eye but are infested with bacteria and other germs. Steam Cleaning Equipment with host of accessories makes it possible not only to clean the obvious areas but also steam, clean and kill all those microbes that hide in difficult to reach nooks and corners and result in illness and disease for our dear ones. When the space is cleaned and sanitized with Steam, you do not require Chemicals as at 160 degrees Celsius, steam kills 99% Bacteria, Dust mites, Fungal Spores and even creepy crawly insects.

    Mangrove Cleaning Services LLC Dubai use State of the Art Steam Machines for Deep Cleaning Steam Cleaning. We Specialize in all forms of Deep Cleaning. Whether it is Post Construction Deep Cleaning, Moving-in/Out Cleaning, Spring Cleaning or an Emergency Deep Cleaning after some unfortunate incident like Fire, Flood or leakage in the house, Mangrove’s Steam Cleaning Services are the answer to your Deep Cleaning needs. We also Deep Clean offices, Showrooms and other Commercial spaces.

    A standard list of cleaning chores that our Steam Specialists perform during Deep Cleaning while working in your property:

    Living Areas & Bedrooms

    • Carpets vacuumed and edged
    • Windows and window tracks Steam cleaned
    • Baseboards dusted and wiped down
    • Vacuum, Steam mop and dry hard floor surfaces
    • Stairs vacuumed & Steam Mopped
    • If empty, all Wardrobes and cupboards Steam Cleaned, inside and out
    • Flat areas damp cloth dusted, steam where possible
    • Steam Mop and dry wooden floors
    • Steam wash and dry marble
    • Tidy room appearance
    • Dust furniture and knickknacks
    • Remove cobwebs
    • General dusting with Micro Fiber Cloth

    • Steam Scrub Sink
    • Steam Clean windows and window tracks
    • Baseboards dusted and wiped down
    • Clean small countertop appliances
    • Steam Clean refrigerator exterior
    • Steam Clean refrigerator interior (Special Service) – Outside of range hood Steam cleaned
    • Top and front of range Steam cleaned
    • Drip pans cleaned
    • Sinks Steam cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined
    • Countertops Steam cleaned and disinfected
    • Clean outside and inside cabinets and drawers
    • Steam Clean exterior of large appliances
    • Steam Wipe inside and outside of microwave
    • Clean table and chairs
    • Floors vacuumed and Steam mopped
    • Trash emptied
    • Cobwebs removed
    • Thorough dusting
    • Grout Cleaning

    • Tiled areas & bathtubs Steam cleaned and disinfected
    • Shower and shower doors cleaned and disinfected
    • Carpets vacuumed and edged
    • Windows and window tracks Steam cleaned
    • Baseboards dusted and wiped down
    • Mirrors cleaned and shined
    • Sink and counters cleaned and disinfected
    • Floors washed and disinfected
    • Carpeting vacuumed
    • Clean and disinfect toilet
    • Shine and clean chrome fixtures
    • Wipe down outside and inside cabinets and drawers
    • Cobwebs removed
    • General dusting
    • Grout Cleaning

    * Mangrove’s Team will Clean all AC Vents throughout the house as part of our standard package of Deep Cleaning.

    **We use dry steam, that means  steam with 5-7% moisture content when mopping wooden and leather surfaces.

    *** To ensure there are no smudges or scratches on the walls or your wooden furniture, we use Micro Fiber cloth. We do not believe in cutting corners, even though Micro Fiber Cloth costs many folds than general dusters.