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  • Couches, Curtains, Carpets and Holidays in Dubai

  • Whether it is residential Villas and Apartments or Commercial places like Offices, Showrooms, Restaurants, Cafes, and  Clinics etc. we have to deal with the cleaning of Couches, Curtains, and Carpets in Dubai slightly different than other places in the world. There is always dust in the air in the predominantly desert city of high rises!

    Then there are high levels of humidity in summer months especially July August & September. Unfortunately for many of us Expats living in Dubai when we come back from Holidays in September, fungal attacks in our unoccupied living places is not uncommon. Imagine you getting in your beautiful (at least when you left for holidays) house in the wee morning hours, after a long flight(s) and all you are looking forward to is to lie flat on that cushy bed you’ve been missing all these days. Instead, a rude awakening occurs! There is a strange smell in the house. This is definitely molded you tell each other. You switch on the light and find black patches of Fungii and ugly mold everywhere on the walls, your curtains, Sofas, and even carpets.

    As ugly and damaged as they look, they are simply cleanable though. Yes, we have the solution. We shall steam Clean and kill all that mold and fungi and the fungal spores. Walls, if affected badly might need a coat of paint after the steam cleaning. Mangrove is the only company that Steam Cleans Curtains where they are hanging, in your house and without removing them. We shall help you with both Steam Cleaning and Painting. Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai deal with these problems every year successfully. Mangrove Cleaning Services is the only relevant Cleaning Company in Dubai when it comes to Deep Cleaning whether it is Post Construction Cleaning, Moving Out Or Moving In Cleaning, Spring Cleaning or Special Services like Upholstery, Curtains, and Blinds, Carpets, Mattresses or Ovens etc.

    As an Advice, please make sure that when you leave for your Holidays next time, make sure you dry your bathrooms completely, Shut all your windows and doors Airtight so that there is no dampness and damp air does not enter your house.

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