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  • Cleaning after Eid & Special Occaisions

  • Cleaning after Special Occasions:

    First of all Eid Mubarak to all our readers, customers, and networking friends in Dubai and elsewhere. I am sure all of you are enjoying the blessings that Eid brings to all of us. Right now we all are busy entertaining guests and visiting our near and dears. Visitors and especially children would leave a lot for you to do in terms of cleaning. Do not worry there are a lot of good Cleaning Companies in Dubai that will clean your house. There is however only one Mangrove Cleaning Services L.L.C that has the bragging rights for being the only Steam Cleaning Company that will not only clean your house sparkling and shining but also sanitize it without using any chemicals! Yes, we are a ‘Green’ Cleaning Company. We use No Chemicals, Just Steam as we care about and Protect your Family’s Health and our Environment. And what’s more, we help you Save Precious Water Resources!

    Mangrove Cleaning Services Dubai is your One-Stop-Shop for cleaning (Internal & External Areas of) your Villa, Apartment or Townhouse in Dubai. We also Steam Clean your Curtains while they are hanging in your house! Can you see the convenience? You don’t have to remove and bare your windows and doors, neither you have to send them to Dry Cleaning and worry about the hygiene factor and pollutant chemicals affecting your Family’s Health and Fragile Environment. Our Steam Cleaning Equipment, that we import from Europe, is equally good for Cleaning and Sanitizing your Carpets, Mattresses, Sofas and other upholstered items and greasy Ovens and Hoods etc.

    Life is easy with Mangrove Cleaning Services around. Call us 04-3689941 or +97155 4961893.